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New ex-players thread

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Blue Maniac, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. FIF

    FIF Well-Known Member

    in here?
  2. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    in here?
  3. Volpone

    Volpone Active Member

    With Nigel Pearson obviously hot favourite.
  4. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

    Is there something up with the Agnoustics in here?

    ......I'll let myself out.
  5. bocadillo

    bocadillo Mr Tambourine Man

    There is now!!

  6. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

    Yann Kermorgant scored for Reading tonight.
  7. Motown Fox

    Motown Fox Well-Known Member

    Liam Moore back in the Reading team tonight at Wednesday and they get a clean sheet, winning 2-0
  8. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

    A double for Chris Wood against Brighton.
  9. jb5000

    jb5000 Well-Known Member

    Sam Muggleton has been signed by Gary Mills for York City
  10. Mike - True Blue Tinter

    Mike - True Blue Tinter Well-Known Member

    Wood and Knockeart have been banging in goals for fun this season, 37 goals between them. Have they improved, or is it just a feature of being in a lower league?

    Would Vardy and Mahrez have 30 goals each if they were playing there this season?
  11. FIF

    FIF Well-Known Member

    Depends what effort they made.
  12. Ike O'Noclassed

    Ike O'Noclassed Well-Known Member

    Had to look him up, no memory at all of Carl's son. Is there any academy reject who wasn't told they were "too short"? What next? Lionel Messi - how being rejected by Leicester City ruined my life?
  13. Motown Fox

    Motown Fox Well-Known Member

    And he made an immediate impact as York won the relegation battle with Southport 5-3
  14. jb5000

    jb5000 Well-Known Member

    I didn't remember him either, just lucky to see Leicester mentioned in the local report of his signing - I then googled him thinking "I wonder if he's related to Carl, there can't be many Muggletons."

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