Birch's Beer, Spider's Head and Bananas.

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David Gwilliam

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I have become increasingly aware of urban myths and wonder whether anyone can confirm three possible (emphasize possible) facts
(1) At a pause in a match did the Birch actually have a sip of a spectators beer.
(2) During the notorious Spider Kalic match did Radio Leicester actually say "There stands Kalic with his head in his hands lets hope he doesn't drop it."
(3) Crowds in the 1970s were notoriously racist but did any spectators in Britain actually throw bananas on the pitch.. I am sure it did not happen at Leicester or I would remember it. Did it happen on any other major football ground?


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Sorry, I can't answer your questions for sure though I'm sadly expecting the answer to 3 to be a definitive 'yes'.

I must say though that I was however expecting an entirely different post. I read the subject/title as more surreal than literal... I was quite excited.


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I’m sure I’ve heard one and two attributed to other players at other clubs before.


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This is a thread I'm really going to watch.

Thanks David for posing the questions. Although I cannot offer any answers myself, I'm hoping that someone here will.


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I recall seeing photos of John Barnes clearing a banana from the pitch while he preparing to take a corner


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For starters, one could web search 'Cyrille Regis' or 'George Parris' and 'banana'... and be saddened.

I recall Mark Bright saying he took some abuse at Filbo, from us. And I've myself heard Heskey get abuse from the kop. So whilst I never saw any bananas thrown, it certainly wouldn't surprise me.


Water Gypsy
Tottenham fan was arrested for throwing one at Aubamyemang in the north London derby a few years ago. Claimed he just found it on the floor under his feet and threw it away without thinking about theracial connotations.
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