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Is a top four finish achievable or a pipe dream?


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It's just people trying to statisise everything about football using the Moneyball approach from baseball.

It works for baseball as things are a lot simpler with binary outcomes but it's doesn't quite work the same in football.

Still doesn't stop the Yanks though!


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Article on how xg is worked out.

It seems to me the biggest flaw is it doesn't consider who the chance falls to.
Or who the goalkeeper is.

Or if it was taken with the player stronger or weaker foot.

Or the form of the player with the attempt.

It's bollocks really.


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I'm fairly sure there was a few stats kicking about to show how our 2015/16 start wasn't sustainable....got pretty desperate too.

Miles Away

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It has allowed bettors to be more informed.

Ultimately all advanced stats ladder back to that.

If you had a sustained betting strategy using Xg over an extended period of time you are pretty likely to be rewarded. It’s not much cop in insulation, but over the aggregate it’s a handy tool.


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Surely this is just a measure of whether you’ve got more clinical strikers than the national average?
Highlights just how important Vardy is to us and that we need to get the ball to him as much as possible. The nightmare is if he gets injured, other than Perez the rest is pretty much "dog toffee" as far as strikers go.


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Highlights that we are more patient in out buildup play and don't just take shots for the sake of it.

Pretty much backs up how our team has evolved. We keep the ball and await for the right opportunity to arise. It's the sign of a good team.


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I would also take into account the bias of the media in relation to the top 6, we as fans know OUR Club, rather than the take a peek every so often media who see us as a novelty and treat us as such.
We have players that are only finding their feet after joining us in the Summer and We see their growth from week to week.

Quoting Vardys age is meaningful to their article but the facts tell a different story to our boys attention to detail and how he is actually getting the best out of his body and improving with age⚽

We are ruffling a few feathers and the mainstream media will do anything to sow doubt, but WE KNOW BETTER ⚽
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  24
Manchester City  16
Arsenal  15
Leicester  14
Chelsea  14
Palace  14
Burnley  12
West Ham Utd  12
Tottenham   11
10 Bournemouth  11
11 Wolves  10
12 Manchester Utd  9
13 Sheffield Utd  9
14 Brighton  9
15 Aston Villa  8
16 Newcastle Utd  8
17 Southampton  7
18 Everton  7
19 Norwich City  6
20 Watford  3