Post Match Leicester 0 Chelsea 1 (FA cup QF)

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No creativiteee
No intensiteeee
No qualiteeeee

We’re being described as toothless by the BT Sport pundits after the match. That hurts, but it’s completely true.

Honestly what has happened to us? We’ve turned into a Claude Puel team and have been for many months now.

I just sat watching, knowing 100% that we wouldn’t get back into the game once we were behind. I had zero hope, and I hate that.

Rodgers has a lot to answer for. His team selections and substitutions have been bewildering recently. Taking Praet and Perez off was ridiculous. Not bringing on Iheanacho at all when we’re about to be dumped out of the cup without remotely looking like we were going to score, borders on insanity.

10 points in his last 10 league games was enough to get Claude Puel the sack. We’ve won 10 points in our last 10 league games...

There’ll be conversations behind the scenes, I’m sure of it.

martin peters

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They were a yard quicker than us all over the pitch, Hamza not good enough, Gray not good enough, Vardy should have stopped in bed, we are badly lacking leadership, thought Praet was the pick of midfield and was taken off, why not give one of the youngsters a go at least they would try,


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****ing Chilwell chatting and laughing with Ross Barkley immediately after the whistle. You just shat your pants in a very winnable quarter final you nutsack.
Doesn't surprise me. He wants a ticket out and I will be so happy to see the back of the bellend. Comparing him to Jamal Lewis for Norwich yesterday is like chalk and cheese. Lewis may not be as talented but he gives a whole lot more including not running the ball out of play or crossing the thing over the bar every other time he goes forward.


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Much better start to the game, however, missed chances cost us in the end.
Quality in their subs shone though.
As regards our subs, I would have brought Ineacho on for Youri, put Perez in Youris position
Also left Dennis on.


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I'm not too pissed off surprisingly. Yes, we were crap 2nd half up until they scored (and it was coming) but then they backed off and we at least looked like we were trying.

For me, 1st half was reassuring. Particularly up until the drinks break. Sure, it was a weakened Chelsea team but, but for wayard finishing, we could have been goals to the good. After the lack less trash we've seen of late it was pleasing to know we had it in us.

Kasper is my MOTM for the last 3 games (not that he had any competition first 2)

Personally, I'd have hooked Vardy during the 2nd half. I know he supposedly plays himself back into form, and only needs a gnats crochet of a chance, but he unused. Nacho must be wondering wtf.

Miles Away

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Right. I think Rodgers deserves enormous credit for the season.

that said:

He has made an absolute mess of the back half of this season, compounded by the last 3 games.

Against Watford he made an absolute mess of the game management. Refused to use the subs available to him appropriately. This was the least of his sins.

The team he put out against Brighton was so riddled with predictable mistakes it was unreal: Ndidi and Mendy paired, Gray playing on the back of a decent cameo, Maddison our of position. It was a farce of a starting 11 and it got what it deserved.

And then today? The subs he made had a really negative impact on the game. Hamza just simply isn’t up to it and Albrighton was never the right call over Perez.

What is becoming obvious, too, is how little he is able to alter the game plan. One example, but it’s 10 minutes to go, 1-0 down in the FA Cup and we still have Evans and Soyuncu passing square balls across the back. Why not chuck on big Wes up front? Why not change shape and go direct? It was the same system, same shape, irrelevant of the situation.

I’m really disappointed with how the management team has gone about this restart. There is a lack of urgency throughout the entire footballing side of the club over the majority of 2020.

I really rate Rodgers, delighted we brought him to the club. He’s not earning his money at the moment.


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Appalling management. Taking Perez off made us so incredibly narrow and easy to defend against. That in turn, meant that we had to change shape and put on another striker. We didn't. Choudhury on for Praet was idiotic and I genuinely cannot fathom his thinking for that one. We were so much better in the first and dreadful in the second. Yes, their subs had infinitely more quality than ours but to battle that, we need to be savvy about how and when we use ours; Rodgers has absolutely no idea how to do this, whatsoever. It's not just the crowd thing with Vardy. Something is very wrong. He doesn't look at all fit. Either that or he doesn't look at all bothered. Either way it's a worry because we are completely impotent without him.
Those substitutions seemed preplanned to me. Unfathomable that you could watch 50 minutes of that game and decide to replace two of the best players on the pitch with Albrighton and Choudhury. To end a game, needing a goal with only Gray and Vardy getting anywhere near the penalty area is ****ing crackers. Almost Puelian in it’s stifled, counterproductive way.


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We were the better side in the first half, and if Barnes had put his chances away or they'd fallen to someone else we'd probably be through. This has been the obvious gap in Barnes' game all season, so I'm not going to blame the restart or panic as I'm sure he'll improve this side of his game. Perez is one of those players who, while he doesn't seem to bring much individually, makes the whole team play better - he should start every game in my book. Praet did well, and Tielemans seemed better too, which hopefully puts some pressure on Maddison once he's fit again. I've never seen us get beyond the QF stage, so I'm really disappointed that we blew a game that should have been won but there are plenty of positives to take from this one - which I'm not sure I can say about the Watford or Brighton games


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Rodgers shat himself just before Christmas, and he’s been slowly getting worse

We were getting progressively worse before lockdown, and he’s ****ed up this restart big time

As I said, I’m afraid that he’s a twat


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I only watched the second half. We were utter shit. The centre backs the only ones with any balls on the ball. Everyone else just taking the easy option.

For next game id go

Evans Morgan Soyuncu
Albrighton Ndidi Choudhury Justin
Vardy Iheanacho

Combat calvert-lewin and richarlison height, get choudhury and ndidi at least getting close to closing down. Get chilwell and tielemans back in lockdown. Make sure we get a load of balls in tbe box from wide or slip iheanacho, vardy in via maddison.


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I feel bad for King Power. So much investment in the structure of the club. £100m on a world class, world beating training centre. It’s kind of like building Maranello to store your Ford Fiesta collection.

Brown Nose

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Rodgers shat himself just before Christmas, and he’s been slowly getting worse

We were getting progressively worse before lockdown, and he’s ****ed up this restart big time

As I said, I’m afraid that he’s a twat
The moment was when his head was turned by Arsenal and we ended up throwing money at him to stay. Since then. he's not been the same manager and I don't think the squad are reacting to him in the same way.

It was clear to them that he fancied ditching us for Arsenal and the fact that he's now being paid more than any of the players cannot go down very well when he's demanding stuff from them in the dressing room.


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What did Perez actually do today?

I don't think any of our wide players would get in any other top half team, let alone top 4.


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Barnes and Perez are not good enough at this level and have hurt us all season long. Sides know we will not cross the ball and as a result force us to play down the middle.
BR will not change and we will keep playing the same turgid shit for the remainder of the season. Gray is a sub at best he can not dominate a game and has been given ample opportunity, git rid IMO.

It is predictable overload our midfield with the full knowledge that Perez and Barnes will not track back the goal today was perfect evidence!
Ricardo papered over the cracks when we have been attacking.


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For a moment there we were in danger of putting in a good performance. That all changed at half time, when it all went to shit again...
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