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Post Match Leicester 0 Wolves 0

Red Leicester

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I only read the rule changes about handball in the area by chance last week so was aware and pleased that we benefitted from the rule change. Without prior knowledge I too would have been confused and the video clip would not have helped. Goal last season, no goal this season. There are some other minor changes which I have already forgotton, but think they are so minor they wont be covered by VAR.
Maybe clubs should distribute rule changes when fans enter the grounds at the start of the season.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  6
Arsenal  6
Manchester City  4
Brighton  4
Tottenham   4
Bournemouth  4
Sheffield Utd  4
Everton  4
Manchester Utd  3
10 Burnley  3
11 Norwich City  3
12 Leicester  2
13 Wolves  1
14 Palace  1
15 Chelsea  1
16 West Ham Utd  1
17 Aston Villa  0
18 Newcastle Utd  0
19 Southampton  0
20 Watford  0

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