Pre Match Leicester v Brighton

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in light of these games coming up is it important for us to win, and if we don’t win, is it the beginning of what I like to call ‘****ing bottling it’?



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Gray, Hamza and Perez for Barnes Tielemans and Albrighton are the changes I can see happening


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wouldn't risk him if there is any doubt what so ever with a muscle but if he's 100% he replaces Tielemans


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With Tielemans, i think it's because he's not the main man attacking midfield wise. If Praet and Ndidi played deep and everything went through him then i think you'd see a different player. I think that's why we tried to play with Maddison at inside left for quite a while, to get the most out out of both of them.
Brighton will have their tails up but if we don't win this one at home then we don't deserve Champs Lge football. With the right set of results it would leave us 11 points ahead of 6th. With 5th likely to get Champs lge football this year with Man City ban (you'd imagine) unlikely to be reduced to nothing.
I'd stick with the same side that started the last game but make better use of the 5 subs rule and look to use them better to impact the game on 45, 55 and 70 mins if needed.

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Would like to see Nacho and Vardy play together.

In reality think we will see Gray come in for Albrighton. As you were otherwise.


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4 years of playing well in 10 minute cameos and then stinking the place out in every game he starts.

How much of it do you need to see before you realise how he works?

Best thing that could happen is Bournemouth stay up and spunk all their cash on him. They love shit Wingers who play well for 5 minutes in 180
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