Speculation The completely irrational and totally unfounded rule changes you'd like to see, whether you've seen them in other sports or otherwise


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When the World Cup was in America, in '94, the yanks tried to push for a game of 4 quarters. ideal for their advertising.
It'd not surprise me in the least if the televising TV companies (Sky et al) had suggested or hinted at rule changes for such purposes. I've certainly watched streams (I think they might have been South African) were there was some pretty imposing advertising taking up screen space. You couldn't work out whether Maddison had put the shot through the window of the new Volkswagen Tiguan or simply wide. I mean, chances were it was the latter but you couldn't be sure.


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Half an hour half time. Most grounds are half empty shortly after the restart as queues for a piss or pint take an age.

Added time multiball.


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1. The game played with two balls.

2. Each team allowed one 10 minute overload - when and extra player can come on the pitch.

3. The team losing at half time to play the second half in mini skirts. If it's a draw, both teams in minis.

4. Electronic goals that increase in size every time a player runs their fingers through their hair.

5. An exploding ball designed with similar properties to the donkey in buckaroo.

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I think they should look at players shielding the ball out of play. Seems to me that 9 time out of 10, the player isn't in possession of the ball, but is rather just obstructing the attacker getting to it.

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Stop the clock when there are interruptions in play. Get rid of injury time and finish right at 45/90 minutes.
Agree. Some clubs make watching a match unbearably frustrating with their constant time wasting. I seem to recall Burnley away this season where they were slowing it down and wasting time from around the 20th min.

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Goalkeepers aren't allowed to use their hands
  • No one allowed in the 6 yard box in stoppage time,
  • A Penalty scored is only awarded half a goal - if it's missed - half a goal is taken away,
  • Players that cost over £50m should be subject to a handicap system, with lead weights added to their a vest/shirt in proportion to the amount they cost,
  • The big six teams should automatically qualify for CL/ Europa every year.
  • If a defending player stands in front of an attacking player for a corner or free kick - it's called a snooker, and the attacking team can retake the kick
  • Commentators will be red-carded if they use the words 'Manchester United', if they are not playing in the game being shown. If MU are playing, then it will be obligatory to occassionally mention the name of the opposing team.
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