Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2021 rumours thread

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I don't understand your logic. Should we only be signing players that everybody else is after? How many people were in for Evans? Or any of the other great buys we've made?
I'm not suggesting that, what I'm saying is he's a well known name that alot of people know about, we generally buy younger unheard of players, Evans had a relagation release clause in his contract that made it easier for us to get him.

I'm not convinced he will be any good for us though I hope I'm wrong that is if we do sign him

camberwell fox

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There was also summat interesting in a podcast or summat that said the top four(ish) can’t shop for a gem in a turd as their fans rebel at spending £400k and expect £multi million signings to justify their existence.


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Just remind me. Where do we stand with signing players from the EU post brexit? What are the rules?


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Caglar's new friend? Given Under isn't going to make the grade, we need another Turk. Boy, do we wanna hang on to Soyuncu - enough to buy a friend for him.

(Actually, in all seriousness, it wouldn't surprise me if such a thing has been a factor with signings generally. The language barrier can be a problem not just on the pitch but also in the isolation one feels generally.... young kid in a new country, speaking a new language... what was it Ian Rush once, supposedly, said of Italy?)
Isn’t that why we brought in Slimani... to kerp Mahrez happy?
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