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Who came up with that hideous strap-line?

It doesn't really make any sense either.
We’re with you again.’

‘But you were with us before?’

‘Yes but we will be with you again’

‘But you’re with us now?’

‘Yes we are. Now spend your money on this special edition shirt’


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Who cares about the truth of it? Such correlations ought be encouraged.

I'd like to know how many headers Soyuncu has won before and after doing his hair up in the sad Bale-like bun. Or how many crosses Albrighton has made since growing that goatee/beard thing (and whatever the ****-else he's done with his hair in lockdown boredom)


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Nice in depth interview with Taggs about is whole career.

Starts with a few Leicester stories and then Barnsley & Bolton before back to us from about 1 hr 20 onwards.

Funny interview with a couple of extras on La Manga 1 and 2 I hadn't heard and also a funny one on Collins John.

They've also got one with Matt Piper and another with Jordan Stewart but not listened to those yet.
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