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    Championship 18/19

    You must be yolking.
  2. City Fan

    Internationals March 2019

    I’m sure if you were racially abused for 90 minutes, you’d become a bit frustrated too,
  3. City Fan

    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded spring/summer 2019 rumours thread.

    We should sell Maguire and keep Ghezzal as he has “fantastic potential” even though he’s 26 years old and always looks like he’s never played football before. FFS the silly season has started already.
  4. City Fan

    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    A lot more than Beckford, Paintsil and Mills were worth to us.
  5. City Fan

    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    Christ I’d forgotten all about him.
  6. City Fan

    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    His transfer record was only second to Peter Taylor in awfulness.
  7. City Fan

    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    Yep - thankfully wages, signing on fees and agents fees were all free.
  8. City Fan

    They're talking about us

    Yeah he’s not like that Hume bloke is he?
  9. City Fan

    Confirmed Transfer Youri Tielemans on loan

    Dear god no.
  10. City Fan

    FA Cup 2018/19

    He was/is a perfectly good League One goalkeeper.
  11. City Fan

    Macià's Going

    Ndidi could become as injury prone as Matty James, Maddison could experience a dramatic loss of form and be worth peanuts etc etc Works both ways.
  12. City Fan

    New Contract Wes Morgan signs contract extension

    This is my favourite one: A dreadful clodhopping oaf of a player If we sign him it's time to pack the whole thing in altogether
  13. City Fan

    FA Cup 2018/19

    How so?
  14. City Fan

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Would we have got the same ball number as Newport then?