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    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    In the comments, he says that Nige offered to do an interview at the end and that will be on the moan-in tonight
  2. glyn

    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    Mahrez having a great game in the Cup final. Doing all his shimmies and tricks. I still love the guy.
  3. glyn

    They're talking about us

    Yes, my mistake obviously. 14 points for losing positions, 3rd best
  4. glyn

    They're talking about us

    Oh and one other one Days spent in each position for LCFC 7th 37 8th 47 9th 50 10th 70 11th 33 12th 31 13th 6 15th 1 20th 1
  5. glyn

    They're talking about us

    Few stats from the paper: Points lost from winning position: 3 (least in PL) Points won from winning position: 14 (joint 3rd) Minutes by English players: 16,933 (3rd behind Burnley and Bournemouth) Goals by english players: 35 (top) Days in relegation zone: 1!! Most tackles: Wilf 143 (top ties...
  6. glyn

    Post Match Leicester 0 Chelsea 0

    For what it’s worth, most chances created by defenders this season: Digne (Everton) 71 Robertson (Liv) 51 Trippier (Spurs) 49 Alexander-Arnold (Liv) 48 Chilwell 45 Mind you, given that Digne is so far ahead on here of two of the most prolific full-back suppliers of goals that I’ve ever seen...
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    Match Thread Leicester v Chelsea

    McInally on sky just suggested there was a bit of a reaction at the KP when Man City scored their second?
  8. glyn

    Pre Match Leicester v Chelsea

    Just for info, quite a neat summary here of our Premier League performance. https://www.premierleague.com/clubs/26/Leicester-City/season-history I was (sadly) wondering how often we’d finished with a positive goal difference, which will be the case barring a 3 goal defeat. Only twice before in...
  9. glyn

    Championship 18/19

    I am enjoying the growing examples of friendly banter between official social media feeds:
  10. glyn

    UEFA Champions League 18/19

    Has Pochettino said that this is a bigger achievement than our title win yet?
  11. glyn

    Match Thread Manchester City v Leicester

    Kasper again with the “boot it out to the 22 yard line” manoeuvre.
  12. glyn

    Match Thread Manchester City v Leicester

    Sky just flashed up a stat that we were the number one ranked team in terms of just second half away results this season.
  13. glyn

    Match Thread Manchester City v Leicester

    Maybe I’m one of the ones who came across as negative with my “sitting ducks” comment. I don’t think we’re not playing well, I just think Man City will score a couple at some stage given the chances they are threatening to create.
  14. glyn


    Assuming we can’t qualify for Europe, bring him on for last half an hour Sunday and let Madders win him a penalty to end that awful stat on how long he’s played since scoring.
  15. glyn

    Match Thread Manchester City v Leicester

    We’re just sitting ducks at the moment