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    Post Match Wolves 4 Leicester 3

    How long is it that a player who is offside is deemed not interferring with play and then a few seconds later scores.
  2. Motown Fox

    Match Thread Wolves v Leicester

    Do own goals count?
  3. Motown Fox

    Confirmed Transfer Benalouane to Forest

    He wasn't always bad. Although there were some shockers. I remember when he did tackle fairly and could actually pass which often the likes of Simpson Huth and Morgan were less successful at passing. He put his head where others didnt as well So I say thanks Benny and good luck at Forest.
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    Pre Match Wolves V Leicester

    THE DOOG!!!!
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    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    Ex Players trying to win the Cup Tie for Frank Lampards Derby at Southampton who after their excerts at the weekend are now involved in extra time. Waghorn scored as it finished 2-2. Lawrence and Nuge both going close.
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    On This Day.

    Could they reunite at Forest I wonder. MON needs another sidekick.:002:
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    Puel out

    There you go.
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    Puel out

    Well anyone thinking of showing your feelings of protest with any placard/banner etc then think again as they even took them from this poor old dear this afternoon.
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    Pre Match Leicester v Southampton

    Only £30 if you go in the away section that's been handed back from Southampton
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    On This Day.

    I was there. Green slope to try and stand on to watch the game. Burger van being turned over by our irate fans and Spurs fans taking the piss, what more can you want.
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    Match Thread Newport County v Leicester

    Nice move but tame shot from King. Do we deserve a draw though.
  12. Motown Fox

    Match Thread Newport County v Leicester

    James is equally as useless tbh
  13. Motown Fox

    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    Having both Wednesday fans and Sheff United fans on Facebook it's been hilarious seeing United fans saying they can concentrate on trying to get promotion now, having last night been taking the piss out of Wednesday fans for only managing a home 0-0 draw with League 1 Luton.
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    Match Thread Newport County v Leicester

    Are we allowed to use 6 subs as I can think of at least 6 players in the first half who shouldnt be playing the second half