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    On This Day.

    Two of my gramp’s favourites. Eeeee Sunday afternoons sat on the sofa eating trifle and listening to him talk about Keyworth and Davie Gibson. I might omit some of the more salacious off pitch stuff that’s happened during my time as a fan when I’m regaling my grandkids with Leicester City...
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    Puel out

    Puel in!
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    Post Match Wolves 4 Leicester 3

    You’ve got to laugh when you fall off a sofa.
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    O Neill to Forest

    Highlights are on Quest on either Saturday night or Sunday morning. It’s on freeview and Sky and that. I watch it on UKTV catch up to fast forward through the absolutely terrible punditry.
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    Athletico Mince

    *Spoilers, kinda. Not that anyone other than BN will read this. I’m the same with Skylar, found her quite one dimensional and often wondered why Walt even bothered. I love how neither one pushes a hero down your throat but still keeps your sypathies towards the characters. I’ve gone from...
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    Athletico Mince

    @Brown Nose You’ve urged me in the past to get on with watching Better Call Saul. I’ve done the first two series since Christmas and I absolutely fucking love it. I carry out daily, mundane tasks now imagining that I’m Mike going about his Mike business. Perfect springboard into watching...
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded winter 2018/19 rumours thread.

    Watching a player shouldn’t give you cramp in your buttocks.
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    Puel out

    Not even just a little bit of Brendan? He’ll help you to dream.
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    Pre Match Wolves V Leicester

    You don’t get us do you? We’ll win this, Vardy will score a brilliant goal, Puel will have learned his lessons and someone will declare that the post match thread should be a short one.
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    Puel out

    It doesn’t matter who asked him, Miles was saying that he could have been told to not to dangle the possibiliteee of criticising the fans and using Vichai’s death as an easy out. Just for the record, I don’t know he if he was doing that but I can see why people think he was. I can’t follow what...
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    Time to laugh at Leeds again

    I think it’s great, totally psyched out their promotion rivals and galvanised their fans. I’ll never get the attitude of some in the English game who would rather give an elbow in the face or a two footer to the shin than dive or spy on someone. Shearer, Keown, Souness etc....
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    Puel out

    Exactly, why leave any ambiguity?
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    Athletico Mince

    20 minutes in to hear the darts player Adrian Lewis ordering some meats in a restaurant. ‘14 fucking ounces of hot muscle. What are you trying to do to me you meaty hero?’