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3rd Eye

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Scarby, Jan 13, 2004.


Should Video Replays Be Allowed During Play

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    i think they would be a bonus, then the world can see how cr*p the refs are at leicester! and i dont think they would slow the game down even more than moaning italians that dive every 10 minutes.
  2. Malf

    Malf New Member

    Definately, we've been on the end of some dodgy decisions, there never used to be a game go by without us being shyed out of a penalty, this would help Dickov notch up 30 a season easily.
  3. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    There could be an offical in the crowd who could have a TV monitor. The ref and the official could be linked up and communicate on certain controversial issues. It's for the best. :)
  4. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    Who said no, and Why???
  5. alex

    alex Well-Known Member


    It's the inconsistency which makes the game so much of a laugh...the injustice seems to be contained on a merry-go-round and pays people back equally in the end...
  6. mad biker

    mad biker New Member

    I think it would add to the exitement of a match, waiting for the decision of the 5th official. the technology is already in place, I suppose the only problem would be getting dick head referees to admit their not sure and ask for help in the first place ! another thing I feel strongly about is the time keeping, surely it`s time for this to be taken away from the ref, he has enough to think about already, an independent timekeeper with his clock linked to the scoreboard so we can all see that "stoppage" time is being added properly would be better, this would also mean we would all get more actual playing time for our hard earned money ! what do you reckon ?
  7. Willlow

    Willlow Active Member

    I agree that it wouldn't slow the game down, but the whole point of football is moaning about how rubbish the referee was. If video replays are used it would take away that aspect of the game. Also the decisions made would balance out during the season as they always do and so we wouldn't benefit that much.

    Who could we have blamed after the Birmingham game if there had been video replays? The video replay wouldn't have changed the sending off decisions.

    Also how would we know if the person watching the video replay would always make a decision correct? Haven't you ever watched a game on TV where you and a mate have had a different opinion on a decision no matter how many times you watch the replay?
  8. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    I thought the whole point of football was watching my beloved LCFC win games and make me and all fellow LCFC fanatics smile.
  9. Willlow

    Willlow Active Member

    But it is easier to blame the referee for losing a game then it is to admit that we weren't good enough.
  10. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    It's easier, but fruitless. I thought you said "the whole point of football is moaning about how rubbish the referee was.."
  11. dannyboy

    dannyboy New Member

    Absolutely spot on. I sat with a mate watching the Man Utd game after I got back from our game and even after a replay he thought Shearer's wasn't a pen! I thought it was a definite pen....... It's all opinions. I watch cricket too, and bad decisions are still made using the video replay. So I wouldn't introduce it, because you can't just use it for goalline decisions. When it is brought in they'll be no stopping it, we'll be using it for 50/50 throw ins b4 long...
  12. trickytrev

    trickytrev New Member

    Videro replays should never ever ever be allowed in football. The beuty of football is you can go out onto the park with a few mates and find a bunch of lads and challenge them to a match. You play pretty much the same game as they do in the premiership except you don't hasve linesmen.

    Contreversy is football. Imagine football without the uprage against a dodgy refereeing decision. People don't realise it but the refereeing ,istakes are all part of it.
  13. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    I disagree. Refereeing mistakes are part of the game that we shouldn't have to worry about. There is fair to much money involved and IMO a hefty handful of bias towards the big clubs.

    Bringing the cameras into the game would make it a tiny bit slower but an immense amount more fair.
  14. Malf

    Malf New Member

    It's a classy debate, abit like the Hutton enquiry! Everyone can argue it either way, the game has become highly successful without the use and aid of camera's. I think it would be a huge change, and football would never be the same again. Whether it would make it better, is there to be seen but i'm not so sure. As Tricky Trev said football is all about you and your mates challenging a few other lads to a game of football, that's how we all got in to football as a kid. Watching and playing, pretending to be your favourite player and actually thinking your playing the same game as all the big boys! I say keep it as it is, there's too much shady stuff going in football already.
  15. Ashov

    Ashov New Member

    yes it would help everyone
  16. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    concise as usual Ashov.

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