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Speculation And manager for next season?

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by bocadillo, Mar 12, 2017.

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  1. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

    He could be Claudio Johnson though, but still a liar. Aren't we all from time to time?
  2. Mawsley

    Mawsley Well-Known Member

    Rafa won't start the season with Newcastle. They're a shambles and he'll not be given the cash he wants.
  3. Mike - True Blue Tinter

    Mike - True Blue Tinter Well-Known Member

    Before the Arsenal game, I would have said it was nailed on for Shakey, but from all the reports on here, I did not see the game, he appeared to have tactically got the whole approach and setup totally wrong for the game.

    Even though the players are saying Shakey should get the job, I am not certain the owners will not consider that there might be another media friendly 'Claudio' out there.

    The worldwide, money-making, publicity of winning the league was boosted by the way Claudio wooed the media.
  4. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

    Arsenal we were five minutes and a scabby goal away from a midweek point at their place. It was shit to watch but almost worked.

    I personally don't think I'd give him the job, but the Arsenal game will have nothing to do with it. Luckily I have **** all to do with the decision.
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  5. Lako42

    Lako42 Well-Known Member

    Yes, he's just managed them through a difficult campaign in the Championship for a laugh.

    He'll wish he spoke with the owners before now regarding a transfer kitty, silly man.
  6. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    Now that safety is pretty much assured, it's time for the owners to reflect upon the right course of action this summer.

    I really cannot decide what the correct decision is so I've attempted to define the things that went wrong this season and ascertain whether I have confidence in Shakespeare putting them right.

    1. Poor pre-season. Last summer was an extended victory lap with precious little time and attention on getting the players physically and mentally prepared to go again. I fully expect Shakespeare and his team to have recognised this and to correct it this time round.

    2. Recruiting and integrating the new players. This has been a terrible failure this season. Two key personnel (Mendy and Slimani) have been unavailable for much of the time. Hernandez never settled and got out ASAP. But the key thing for me was the way we failed to integrate them into the group. Does anyone at the club know why we signed some of these players? The role of Steve Walsh here is vital. He brought in the likes of Musa, having scouted him for a couple of years and tried to sign him. It was similar story with Slimani and Mendy who were long term targets. So from that, we should assume that Walsh knew what their strengths were and how they should fit in. However, it doesn't look like he bothered to tell anyone else this when he upped and left. As a result, the players have seemed detached from the group and the coaching staff have failed to use their strengths to aid the team. We have a head of recruitment now (Macia) whose first signing (N'Didi) offers much hope. However, have we sorted out the link between the incoming players and getting them performing for the team? I don't trust Shakespeare on this one.

    3. Extra matches/Injuries. Including the Community Shield, this will be a 54 game season. Last season was a 43 game season. This clearly impacted our ability to retain continuity in selection and it has clearly caught up with some players who have had injuries. Missing the key personnel of Schmeichel, Morgan, Drinkwater and Vardy at times has hurt us. By default, next season becomes easier with fewer matches. I trust and expect Shakespeare to be able to manage the squad better next season.

    4. Tactical changes. We started the season trying to adapt our style with the defence 10-20 yards higher up the pitch and a different type of midfield approach. We wanted to fit in players that didn't really make sense. We wanted to rotate and adapt formations and the players didn't get it. Ranieri made a sensible call that we needed to be more than a one dimensional team. However, he failed to win over the players and staff on that and he failed to come up with a plan that worked. It cost him his job. Shakespeare has reverted to Ranieri's plan from last season and it has proved effective (no surprise). However, I have seen nothing to assure me that Shakespeare has a tactical brain sufficient to get us to progress next season.

    So, it comes down to whether I trust Shakespeare on working with Macia, recruiting and integrating new players and getting our tactical approach right. And the truth is that I don't. I don't think Shakespeare will attract players to come here and I don't think he's tactically astute enough.

    However, is it worth making a change when we know that the status quo will improve things anyway. The players are happy with Shakespeare and he's smart enough to get us right in terms of preparation for next season. He also has a plan he inherited from Ranieri that clearly works.

    My definitive decision on this is that it depends who we can get in as manager. I don't want us to roll the dice as we've done before with these owners. Let's be honest, we got freakishly lucky with the Ranieri decision.

    I think Mancini would improve us. I think Silva could too. I also think Rodgers could be ideal for where we are. Would Shakespeare stay as number two to any of these? Would they want him? Is it time to make a major change and restructure the backroom entirely under a new manager?

    This is a massive decision from the owners and it will be fascinating to see which way they go. On balance, I'd make a change if we can recruit someone sufficiently skilled for where we are and where we want to get to.
  7. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    For me, it's all about player power in this day and age, and clearly they all want Shakespeare to get the job.

    I think it needs to be either shit or bust. Either we keep Shakey and all the team together, or we change the manager and make wholesale changes to the playing staff.

    I haven't yet decided which of these two options I'd prefer.
  8. Volpone

    Volpone Well-Known Member

    Our Premier League form over the last 9 games that Shakey has been in charge puts us 3rd behind Spurs and Chelsea.

    See here: http://www.twtd.co.uk/league-tables/competition:premier-league/form/matches:9/type:home-and-away/

    That is simply outstanding and if he can replicate that next season and get us back into European competition we will all be more than happy. Yes?
  9. FIF

    FIF Well-Known Member

    We did have a lot of "easy" home games in that time. I think the jury is still out but Shakey has certainly put himself in the discussion.

    Rightly or Wrongly, keeping him as manager will be seen as a move lacking determination to make us a european challenging team and accepting mid-table. That's just how it is these days.
  10. camberwell fox

    camberwell fox Well-Known Member

    I see it as a bit of a no brainier in a way.

    Shakey, tactically has been spot on bar Arsenal away but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one bearing in mind we haven't had an away win since god was a boy v the arsenal.

    Do we want to dismantle the team? This in my opinion would be madness. Why would we want to throw out the baby with the bath water?

    If we can retain all of our current first team perhaps with the loss of Mahrez and AN Other we will be very solidly positioned to make an assault on the top 6 with a couple of £20-£30 million additions.

    As I see it:

    GK is fine (more than fine imo).

    Left back is fine with Chilwell and Fuchs.
    CB is where we need extra cover for Morgan/Huth and Benalouane.
    We require an addition at RB.

    Midfield is fine with an effective Drinkwater. If we lose Mahrez who we need to replace (we aren't going to replace his quality though) we need another winger along with Albrighton and Gray.

    Up top Vardy is irreplaceable and playing alongside Slimani would be excellent with Okazaki in the hole behind these two.

    We may have to change our shape slightly to accommodate Oka/Var/Slim but I fear for us if we drop Okazaki as he is the glue that joins midfield to Attack.

    I believe that with Shakey and a couple of important additions we are excellently placed.
  11. TornadoShaunUK

    TornadoShaunUK Well-Known Member

    It's incredible how well we've done yet frustrating at the same time that this season has been such a waste of potential. We could well finish 8th, that's the highest of all the 'not that big' teams, despite giving them a 9 month head start......
  12. FIF

    FIF Well-Known Member

    The prem is poor quality. We should be ashamed with 8th after keeping most of last year's squad and adding to it.
  13. camberwell fox

    camberwell fox Well-Known Member

  14. FIF

    FIF Well-Known Member

  15. Micky

    Micky Well-Known Member

    After winning the league I couldn't give a monkeys! I will say it once more... AFTER WINNING THE LEAGUE!!!!!!
  16. FIF

    FIF Well-Known Member

    Precisely the sentiment some of our players had until reality hit them in the face with CR's sacking.
  17. Micky

    Micky Well-Known Member

    The players did give a monkeys. Our ineptitude was more down to the fact that Ranieri was trying to get our players to play in a different manner.
  18. Borderfox

    Borderfox Well-Known Member

    I have to agree. Why he tried to change so much so quickly cost him the dressing-room and ultimately his job. Shakespeare has done little more than go back to tactics that won so much. However I have seen nothing which would suggest he is capable of the rebuild that is necessary. The defence with Morgan, Huth and Fuchs all in their early thirties, is in need of a major overhaul. No disrespects to any of them they have done the club proud, but all careers come to an end. The Club has a lot of potential on its books, but can Shakespeare meld this into an effective unit whilst adding players? Again I have seen nothing which would suggest he can achieve this target. I know this piece is a harsh assessment of Shakespeare's abilities but the club doesn't have time for failure, consequently I would prefer someone with a proven track record in the Managers chair. If Shakey does get the job, I sincerely hope he proves me wrong.
  19. camberwell fox

    camberwell fox Well-Known Member

    Who would you want and why?
  20. popillius

    popillius Well-Known Member

    Bingo. Its easier for people to say it was all down to effort and arrogance though; that doesn't require them to think.
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