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Barnsley - Sat 6th Nov - 3pm

Discussion in 'Go Away' started by Nottingham Fox, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Nottingham Fox

    Nottingham Fox Moderator

    Kick Off:



    Tickets are currently on general sale, and are priced as follows:

    Adults - £22.00
    Over 60's - £12.00
    Under 18's - £12.00
    Under 12's - £6.00

    Fox Travel:

    Coaches will depart the stadium at 10.30am (seems ludicrously early to me). Tickets are priced as follows:

    Adult STH - £16.00
    Concession STH - £14.00
    Adult NON STH - £19.00
    Concession NON STH - £17.00

    Directions and Parking:

    Approx 80 miles - 1hr 35mins

    M1 north to J37 ....

    Leave the M1 at J37 and turn right on to the A628 Dodworth Road. Go straight over the first roundabout, and at the 2nd roundabout keep left and join Wesley Street. At the end of Wesley Street turn right on to Lambra Road and follow (through underpass) until you come to the junction with Pontefract Road. Turn right and then take your 3rd left on to Grove Street. The ground will be on your right hand side towards the end of Grove Street.

    Street parking is available, but be careful of car parks close to the ground as they are mainly for permit holders only. There is a car park for visiting supporters at 'Queens Ground' which inbetween the ground and the MetroDome.


    This journey involves 1 change (unless your Blue Maniac :icon_wink) which is in Sheffield.

    If you just walk up and ask for a day return to Barnsley, the ticket clerk will charge you £27.50. You could however ask for the following: Off Peak return Leicester > Derby (£8.70), Off Peak return Derby > Sheffield (£8.80) and finally Off Peak return Sheffield to Barnsley (£4.20) = Total £21.70 a saving of £5.80. You DO NOT need to get off the train at Derby!

    Groups of 3 and 4 can group save on the Leicester > Sheffield part of the trip. Simply ask for the split ticket options above, however add that you are in a group of 3 or 4.

    Groups of 3 can travel for £15.80 each (return)
    Groups of 4 can travel for £12.95 each (return)

    There are 2 trains per hour to Sheffield (04 and 35 mins past the hour) - Getting the train at 04 mins past the hour will mean you have a quicker journey in total.


    There are plenty of bars in the centre of Barnsley. The Gatehouse at the end of Eldon Street has always been a decent bar whenever i've been to Barnsley before. Alternitively there is a Bar and somewhere to eat the above mentioned MetroDome. http://www.themetrodome.co.uk/
  2. Real Sharapova

    Real Sharapova Well-Known Member

    As Barnsley is a bit of a real ale desert it looks like us London Brancher's will be giving the Conservative Club a go.:icon_redf:icon_redf:icon_redf
  3. Biffa Bacon

    Biffa Bacon Active Member

    I seem to remember (hazily) getting absolutely battered on real ale last time I went to Barnsley in a pub just outside the station.
  4. Shents

    Shents Member

    If you will be changing trains at sheffield there is a newish pub on the station serving loads of reall ale and other beers called the sheffield Tap. its on platform one!

    A very positive review here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodandd...re-pub-guide-The-Sheffield-Tap-Sheffield.html
  5. Real Sharapova

    Real Sharapova Well-Known Member

  6. Nottingham Fox

    Nottingham Fox Moderator

    :081: :081:
  7. Leesoh

    Leesoh New Member

  8. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

  9. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    Didn't it kick off after we played there on the day Leeds were relegated? Bars in the village centre would only allow home fans in after the game due to police advice, something I got away with due to my Pigeon Fancier accent
  10. Shents

    Shents Member

    This seems slightly excessive. I do seen to remember that some of our fans escorted by the poilce I might add, arrived at the ground very late that year so maybe they're trying to be helpful. That said I got arrested a couple of seasons ago for being "drunk" outside Brammel Lane so I have first hand experience of the fact that S Yorks police do not have a sence of humour about this.
  11. Motown Fox

    Motown Fox Well-Known Member

    Livin up here I can tell you that the sence can sometimes be overpowering, some of the buggars try and cover it up with aftershave you could set light to.
    They don't sometimes have any humour in them at all, although I have met some who share a good laugh but some of them are real mean ba$tards.

    I think they have had trouble at some games, particularly Leeds this season, and must see our support as some sort of possible threat. Also our support at the previous 2 Saturdays we have played them was amoungst the highest away supports in those 2 seasons that they had. Last season we even took a good support on a wet windy Tuesday night.

    Tip for parking below* if you don't mind a 12-15 minute short walk (or shorter jog) downhill (bit of a slog on the way back if we get beat) as you generally get away quicker and there are also plenty of pubs on the road leading to this from M1Junction 36 at Birdwell and some near this location if you get there earlier.

    *Side roads before the traffic lights junction of Sheffield Road/Cemetery Road. Then walk via Oakwell Lane towards the ground.
    The one I parked in last time I did this, because it had less cars, was Pindar Oaks Street, Barnsley S70 4NU, which has the Cemetery on one side and less houses.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2010
  12. Harbro-Fox

    Harbro-Fox Legend

    Absolute deal, I managed to get to Barnsley and back to Harborough for 17 poundish. Just got a return to Sheffield and blagged my way to Barnsley, cheap day out with an U18 ticket as well.
  13. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    One day you'll be able to share a cell with Fludee.
  14. Motown Fox

    Motown Fox Well-Known Member

    You weren't one of those pissed up buggars singing Leicester songs and some of their own that they made up that was on the train that left Sheffield about 2-15/2-20 cos quite a few of them looked about your age
  15. Nottingham Fox

    Nottingham Fox Moderator

    What 10 :102:
  16. Harbro-Fox

    Harbro-Fox Legend

    You've never seen me, so how do you know how old I look....

    And no I wasn't one of them.
  17. Nottingham Fox

    Nottingham Fox Moderator

    Your posts give it away :icon_cool
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