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Best Partnerships

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by No.6 Muzzy Izzet..., Jun 14, 2003.


Which is the best of these partenships?

  1. Izzet and Lennon

  2. Elliott and Taggart

  3. Claridge and Heskey

  4. Akinbyixuha and (on his own)

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  5. Peter Taylor and the M1 back to London

  6. Walsh and Prior's or Elliott's missuss

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  1. No.6 Muzzy Izzet...

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet... Active Member

  2. No.6 Muzzy Izzet...

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet... Active Member

    can't u tell that it is a saturday evening in the summer!!!!!!! :(
  3. xsubmariner

    xsubmariner New Member

    :( couldn't agree with you more Muzzy. But where on the list is Ormondroyd and Gee. Just a mention of the names sends a shiver down the spine of ................ :roll:
  4. San

    San Member

    Whatever happened between Walsh & Prior? Who slept with whose missus? or did they sleep with each other?

    can someone explain the situation?!?!?
  5. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    Walsh and Grayson had a threesome with a barmaid who worked at Filbert Street. Allegedly.
  6. MKFox

    MKFox New Member

    who hasn't??
  7. No.6 Muzzy Izzet...

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet... Active Member

    Walshie knocked her off after a Christmas do.
  8. Naughty Fox

    Naughty Fox New Member

    He also did Matty's missus (so i heard) which is why he has not been involved with the club recently.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    What about Heskey and Collimore? One beautiful game.... what untapped potential!
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    I heard it was just Priors wife....such a romeo that walshy!!!

    What about Willis and Hill? Fitzpatrick and Gibson, Ashley Ward and Colin Gordon? Oldfield and Agnew?

    Your missing some star quality me thinks!!
  11. No.6 Muzzy Izzet...

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet... Active Member

    I'm sorry if I've offended anyone with me omitting obvious partenerships. I thought of many others, including all those that everyone has mentioned. Collymore and Heskey would have been fantastic combination (as the Sunderland match proved, 5-2, 3 from Stan and 1 from Emile). Nevermind...
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    lineker and smith
  13. pds

    pds Active Member

    i actually thought colin gordon was pretty good he scored a few goals. anyone know what happened to him where he went from us etc???????????????????
  14. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    After leaving us he was player coach at Kidderminster for a year, then he became player manager of Stourbridge
  15. pds

    pds Active Member

    another on to live the high life after leaving city then.

    LOZHOGAN New Member

    if only agian..?!__:038:__:038:__:038:
  17. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet is the new Jessel.
  18. No.6 Muzzy Izzet...

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet... Active Member

    Woah now, that was back in 2003. I've matured somewhat since then.
  19. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    good to see someone has
  20. The Don

    The Don Active Member

    Dougan and Sinclair

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