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Boltons Tatics: Fair or Not

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Scarby, Feb 10, 2004.


Was it wrong or right

  1. wrong - should be off-side

  2. right - fair play to them

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  1. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    i dont believe that Bolton were right in implying these tatics from free kick positions!! it is in my view a form of cheating!! what do you think.

    i believe it should be classed as off-side
  2. auzzie-fox

    auzzie-fox New Member

    to be honest, if we did it, would u care??? i think not
  3. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    we did do it!! taggart did it and it nearly worked i still think its taking reading the rule book a bit to far
  4. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    Fair, no question. I thought it was a good idea and confused us a few times. I think we should do it from now on, we are good from set pieces and i think this will help even more. But it should be someone quicker than Taggart running back! Maybe Bent.
  5. londonfox

    londonfox Well-Known Member

    not fair but still no excuse for Walker's fcuk-up...
  6. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    Credit to Bolton for exploiting this stupid rule but on many occasions a player WAS offiside and the linesman should of noticed that!
  7. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Can someone clarify this new FIFA directive?
  8. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    If you were offside but not interfering, you can step back onside and carry on with out being flagged.

    It complicated ;)
  9. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    I have noticed Southampton doing this lone before this directive came in. They would put about 5 players miles offisde and they would all run back. I remember last season Southampton benefited from this by scoring against Arsenal.

    Obviously its legitimate, but its an absolute farce. Its just going to confuse officials, and all teams will now be employing these tactics. Its changed the whole complexion of football now - If aint broke, why fix it?
  10. foxylady

    foxylady New Member

    I'm sorry, but I thought it was a farce!
    I want to see a game of football - not a game of chess
    Surely if you are in the Keepers vision, you are causing a distraction, thus interfering with play.
    If you are not gaining an advantage from standing in that position - then why were they standing there?
  11. buzzer_b

    buzzer_b New Member

    Good old Taggart. I actually thought he was taking the piss :lol:
  12. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    i was quality when Taggart did it!!
  13. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

  14. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    The tactics Bolton used are allowed so fair play to them for exploiting it.
  15. lumberjack

    lumberjack New Member

    Referees struggle to get the simplist of off side decisions right. What hope have they got now.
    Ok so Taggart is not the fastest to dart from an offside position back to being on side but if Dickov decided he wanted to do it the linesman would not have clue.
    Pretty stupid really :roll:
  16. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    Exactly, so why weren't we alive to the possibilities as well :?: :roll: FIFA have got to sort this out and quickly or else there will be riots at football games. If that happens it will be FIFA's fault.
  17. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    That's what I thought - it was ok when Nolan (absolute penis that he is) was way "offside", but when another player came and blocked Walker's vision, he is "active" and interferring in play. The linesman should have flagged several times but was obviously very confused and in my honest opinion clueless.

    I know that Walker cocked it up, but offside should have been called way before it got that far.

    I have lost a lot of respect for Bolton, CHEATING WANKERS
  18. Naughty Fox

    Naughty Fox New Member

    Sorry Joe it is not cheating, they played within the rule book and fair play to them, but the whole thing stinks because the fine line of being off side has just got finer. Linesman and refs do not have a clue and will constantly make the wrong call and it will be very sad to have a team relegated or win the championship due to a stupid technicality the FIFA have put in halfway through the season.
    Unless this rule gets changed it is the death of the beutiful game :cry:
  19. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    The new ruling states that the player is offside or "active" if he is blocking the keeper's or the referee's line of vision. The Bolton player was doing this, therefore he was offside!
  20. Naughty Fox

    Naughty Fox New Member

    I agree Joe, but it is down to the refs opinion and because they are all total tossers the game of football will become a farse. One week a team will get away with it the next they won't and we can all guess who will never get away with it. :roll:
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