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Derby County - Sat 12th Feb 2011 - 5.20pm

Discussion in 'Go Away' started by Nottingham Fox, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Nottingham Fox

    Nottingham Fox Moderator

    Kick off:



    Tickets will go on sale as of Monday 31st Jan to P1 STH. Tues 1st Feb P2 STH and so on ...

    Adults - £31.00
    Seniors - £18.50
    Under 18's - £13.50

    Fox Travel:

    Fox Travel coaches will depart the stadium at 3.30pm

    Adult STH: £14
    Concession STH: £12
    Adult NON STH: £17
    Concession NON STH: £15

    Directions & Parking:

    Approx 32 miles - 45 mins

    M1 north to J25, join the A52 towards Derby. Pride Park is well sign posted from the A52.

    Parking around the ground isn't very easy. Grounds Guide suggests the Cattle Market. If you drive past the ground, you will come to the Pentagon Island. Take the first exit on the island, and then the next left. You will drive back on yourself a short way, and the cattle market car park is on your left hand side.


    2 direct trains an hour going (04 and 35 past the hour), but only 1 direct train an hour after the game (01 past the hour).

    Off Peak Return is £9.20

    Please check with regards to Group Travel, as I have been informed this is no longer available.


    The Harvester next to the ground is normally home fans only if the game is a local derby, or a large following is expected. The Navigation Inn on London Road has no problems with away fans. For those arriving by train, there are a couple of pubs across the road from the station, however like the Harvester they may shut up shop to away fans. Note that the town centre is a good 15 min walk from the train station, and the ground is a good 20-25 minute walk from the town centre.
  2. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

    The Brunswick Inn was a good choice for pre match drinks last time. Good mix of home and away fans.
    Turn right out of the station and walk along Railway Terrace.
  3. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    It's an odd one this and I have been in touch with EastMidlandsTrains about it. This page says that GroupSave is still available on EMT trains. Their booking search page has a facility to choose GroupSave3 and GroupSave4 as a discount (look at the drop-down under Railcards and other discounts), but I have been completely unable to find any such fares on offer.

    I spoke to their Customer Services some little time ago, asking why GroupSave was still being advertised when it seems that no such reduction is available. I was told that it was a "mistake" and that it would be rectified - it hasn't been. I was also told that a new offer was being devised for small groups who travel together and that details would be published in the (then) near future - it still hasn't happened.

    In view of the inordinately high increase in the cost of Advance fares on EMT and the apparent demise of MegaTrain fares on their services, it seems to me that EMT have decided that they don't need to continue to provide such large discounts for off-peak and advance purchase tickets. The number of people travelling on their trains increases unabated despite the fare rises and I am sure that they will take this as an indication that the pips can be squeezed even tighter.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2011
  4. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

    I got a group save for our trip to Barnsley which involved splitting tickets at derby. These were booked at the station a couple of days before.
  5. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    Amazing! I can only suggest that other people do the same.

    Did you get GS on both legs of the journey (Leicester to Derby *and* Derby to Barnsley), or just the one?
  6. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

    Got GS on Leicester to Derby and Derby to Sheffield. Not available on the Sheffield to Barnsley.

    EDIT: Started questioning myself now but I definitely remember only having 1 ticket for the 3 of us.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2011
  7. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    I'm not surprised that you got nothing off the Sheffield to Derby ticket - that would be a Northern fare and Northern have never had anything to do with GroupSave.

    Most often each passenger would still have a separate ticket when using GroupSave but is also possible for one ticket to be issued to cover all three (or four) passengers.
  8. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

    EMT seem to always issue just one now. Although that didn't stop the EMT conductor on the train questioning it.
  9. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    EMT conductors will question anything if they think they might get a bit of commission out of it. I have even had my right to hold a Senior Railcard questioned by one of them, even though it is necessary to produce proof-of-age (passport, birth certificate or driving licence) to buy one in the first place.
  10. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    Were they not just charming you with the old "you can't possibly be eligible for a senior card" trick? Perhaps it is the shorts?
  11. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    No - he was just being an awkward twat.
  12. LCFC'sGodWears9

    LCFC'sGodWears9 Well-Known Member

    As mentioned previously, I have very very limited knowledge about trains. There are 5 adults travelling to Derby & back on the train from Leicester. The best price I can find is £46.00 which is available on most sites I have looked at. Is there a better price? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

    See further up the thread for details but - go to the station and ask for a GroupSave 4 off peak return to derby and then 1 more off peak return to derby.
    Should be around £27 (if GS is still available).
  14. LCFC'sGodWears9

    LCFC'sGodWears9 Well-Known Member

    Cheers Gaz, will do.
  15. MHS

    MHS Active Member

    Am I right in thinking this game is on TV?
  16. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

  17. martin peters

    martin peters Active Member

    Is it on Sky or BBC
  18. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

  19. Boy Genius

    Boy Genius Banned


    THEY CAN ALL GO AND **** THEMSELVES! £31 fecking quid!
  20. Scodger Cubs

    Scodger Cubs Active Member

    I saw this last night..absolute joke. They give out free tickets for the home end and charge £31 for Leicester fans. :018::098:
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