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Is Matt Heath good enough?

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Scowcroft, Dec 30, 2003.


Is Matt Heath good enough?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    After that performance against Bolton, he looked well out of depth IMO. He looked very dodgy, and struggled everytime the ball was played long. Most of his headers were misdirected, his distribution was iffy, and his positional sense wasn't that great.

    To be fair to him, he had just come back from playing Division 2 football with Stockport. However, when I've seen him play, he has never impressed me that much. Even in Division 1 last year, He didn't greatly impress me, and that was against Division 1 opposition.

    I personally don't think he will be good enough.
  2. BlueMistress

    BlueMistress Banned

    Its a big step up from the divisions, but you can tell he hasnt got it, i used to think he had, but i think he'll always be a good nationwide player.
    Keep him till next season. ;)
  3. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    I don't think we should write him of on the basis of his performance on Sunday. It was a tough game to come into, playing alongside unfamiliar players in difficult weather conditions.

    When he first broke into the team I thought he was crap, but he improved a lot last season. If he continues to improve he could be a decent player.
  4. bua

    bua New Member

    Well he is 'good enough' in the same way Elliot, Taggart, Impey, Curtis etc. are 'good enough'.
  5. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    Impey for England. :p :wink:
  6. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    Heath for England. :p :wink:
  7. Fox Fan

    Fox Fan Well-Known Member

    Look at when we brought Ade - everyone was saying what a big step up it is from div 1 to the Premiership.

    But considering Matt has steped up 2 Divisons in 48hrs i though he did very well. He didn't make any hellish mistakes and was going for the headers (even if they didn't always get to the right place).

    I though he was good, think he will be in the future too!

    FOX MENTAL New Member


    When Heath made his debut he was woeful but he has improved dramatically since then!!!

    Heath will be good enough! :lol: :lol:
  9. Ashov

    Ashov New Member

    Heath can hold his own once he gets into it abit more
  10. alex

    alex Well-Known Member

    Love reading some of the old posts....Matt Heath. Feck me.


    Where is the donkey these days?
  12. Motown Fox

    Motown Fox Well-Known Member

    Colchester United number 28 in the same team as Alan Maybury:icon_roll
  13. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    just voted 'no'
  14. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

    You'll have to ask nicer than that. 'Please' wouldn't go amiss.
  15. indierich06

    indierich06 New Member

    I think we should give him a bit more time and let him settle in before we judge him...
  16. alex

    alex Well-Known Member

  17. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

    Alex has been here quite long enough. Judge him now I say.

    Guilty as charged Alex. You will be sentenced to a lifetime devoid of tits.

    Officer! ... Take him down.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2009
  18. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

    He'll get his fill of tits as long as he still reads this forum.

    Too easy:icon_biggLove you all really
  19. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

    Ture :icon_bigg
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2009
  20. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

    One tit at a time won't sustain him though SJN.
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