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Is Savage a City Legend?

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by dave, Dec 12, 2003.


Is Savage a city Legend?

  1. Yes

  2. NO

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  3. Not a hope in hell, he's just a Loser

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  1. dave

    dave New Member

    If he is what makes a legend because i think he was just an average player at the club!
  2. Naughty Fox

    Naughty Fox New Member

    I do not think he is a legend, but I did like him and he was a good player for us. He always gave 110% but you must admit that he was probably one of the least skillful players in MON's 'hayday' team.
    Sh*t sorry forgot Guppy :roll:
  3. Malf

    Malf New Member

    That doesn't make sense mate. But I am starting to agree with you that perhaps Savage doesn't make it in to the city legends catergory, I still thought he was a great player to have in our team.
  4. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    Yes, he ran and ran all day. He was their for the cause and was loved by us all! May not have had quality but he made up for it in enthusism.
  5. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Sheer energy and motivation.
    He is a legend, but there are people higher up the legend ladder.
  6. dave

    dave New Member

    Sorry lack of punctuation!
    'If he is, what makes a legend? Because i think he was just an average player at the club'
  7. LS6_Fox

    LS6_Fox Active Member

    I don't think you can class him as a 'legend', but I think he was a great player for our club. I think he typified Leicester's fight and grit, we don't necessarily play the prettiest football but we battle and get stuck in and I think this is why Savage was well liked at Leicester.
  8. Fox Fan

    Fox Fan Well-Known Member

    What do you mean Guppy wasn'nt a skillful player?? He set up like 50% of our goals. His crosses were great, and that goal he once scored on his right foot.... well
  9. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    ..it was a beauty - against Spurs. The amount of curl on that shot was amazing!~
  10. Naughty Fox

    Naughty Fox New Member

    When you mention the word skillfull Guppy is not one of the players that comes to mind. I am not disagreeing about his crosses, he was probably one of the best crossers of the ball at the time, but that is it, he did not have alot of skill and my grandma could tackle better.
    That goal against Chelsea was a cracker, but so was the one Coatworth scored from 35 yards?? at Filbo, he was still sh*t though.
    Guppy did what was asked of him and played in a good team, sorry that I do not see him through the 'blue tinted specs' you do.
  11. Malf

    Malf New Member

    Guppy wasn't skillfull ata ll, infact he was fcukin shit near the ned of his time at leicester. He was a quality crosser, and scored the odd good goal! But wasn't skillfull and rarely could beat a man. He was so frustrating at times, he wlaso managed to sky one over from 2 yards out against Wimbledon many years ago, nob.
  12. delboy

    delboy New Member

    Ha ha loving the thread Dave, think you are just trying to wind Bluemistress up aint ya!!

    Everyone (I think know's) how i feel about lily so i aint gonna bother writing it again!!

    It used to make me p*** when watching "Showboat" on Soccer AM Guppy pops up with that flick thing, I think he must of done it the once in his entire playing career + was just lucky it was caught on camera!!
  13. Southern Fox

    Southern Fox New Member

    He was my favourite player. Never say never. Passion. Commitment. Was a major part of the MON era. A must have and would walk into our midfield again no problem. I always hope he will return. Fiesty. Controversal. An icon. Gave LCFC plenty of publicity. Everyone hated him and that kind of suits the LCFC players we all fall in live (eg Dickov). Wish he was still here. There's only one Robbie Savage...............
  14. Malf

    Malf New Member

    That used to make me piss too, everyone used to name him percy coz he used to glare his eyes like the train off thomas the tank engine.
  15. sheffield_fox

    sheffield_fox New Member

    I think we are all being very harsh towards steve guppy, i agree he wasn't the greatest dribbler of the ball but his crosses were so good he didn't have to beat the man to get a great cross in.
  16. delboy

    delboy New Member

    Tut tut!! Move on mate!!
  17. Spider

    Spider New Member

    A legend is not necessarily a player with the greatest talent. What makes Savage a legend fo us is because he is so different to anyone else. He runs like a mad man all day, he had long girly hair, dodgy tatoos and ws hated by everyone. Iv never seen anyone hated by as many people as he is. he would be in my midfield anyday and most other people i think.

    he is legend for what he was, not just for how he played.

    Plus he twatted Wise at that X-mas party which shoots him right up in my estimation!!

    guppy on the other hand wasnt a legend, just a decnt player who had awesome crossing ability. Pity he didnt thave the speed to beat players much and only had one foot!!otherwise he would have been much better and may have added to his one cap.
  18. Malf

    Malf New Member

    Spot on there kidder, Savage is a great chap on and off the pitch.
  19. Spider

    Spider New Member

    and has a smashing bird..the long haired puff!!!!
  20. Malf

    Malf New Member

    She fit as a butchers dog, bet he's exchanged bodily fluids with her a few times.

    Rainbow Kiss

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