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League cup fourth round - Leeds at home

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by SwedeFox, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. SwedeFox

    SwedeFox Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have stream for the draw?
  2. homer

    homer Well-Known Member

    Home to Dirty Lids
  3. SwedeFox

    SwedeFox Well-Known Member

  4. Motown Fox

    Motown Fox Well-Known Member

    League Cup against our old enemy
  5. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

  6. Micky

    Micky Well-Known Member

    Good draw. They are looking useful this season so it will be a tough game.
  7. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, Ulloa and Slim will sort them out.
  8. give_us_a_wave

    give_us_a_wave Well-Known Member

    Good chance to progress to the meaningful stages. Does make me kind of pine for the days when a cup tie against these was a guaranteed sell out with an even money chance of coming home covered in blood though.
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  9. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    Any excuse . . . .

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  10. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    The last time we played Leeds scum in the League Cup, this was our (horrific) line up:
  11. soundman

    soundman Active Member

    If Leeds continue their good run in the Championship they won't be concerned by a cup game, we we may stroll through
  12. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    Haha, Moreno. Wasn't he the guy who took a 30 yard run up to take a freekick only to tap the ball into a 2 man wall?
  13. Blue Maniac

    Blue Maniac Alzheimers sufferer

    Walker, Rowett, Sinclair, Elliott, Piper, Savage, Wise, Jones, Izzet, Scowcroft, Sturridge
  14. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

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  15. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

  16. Blue Maniac

    Blue Maniac Alzheimers sufferer

  17. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

    Good times.
  18. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

    To be fair, Leeds had a decent team, back then:
    Martyn, Mills, Woodgate, Ferdinand, Harte, Bowyer, Bakke, Dacourt, Kewell, Keane, Viduka
  19. jb5000

    jb5000 Well-Known Member

    Shame about Woodgate's injuries, that centre-half should have been England's for a decade

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  20. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

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