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Post Match Leicester 1 Bournemouth 1

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Jeff, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. artic fox

    artic fox Member

  2. Robin127

    Robin127 Well-Known Member

  3. camberwell fox

    camberwell fox Well-Known Member

    Who ya whoooshin?
  4. Robin127

    Robin127 Well-Known Member

    I edited my post.
  5. David Gwilliam

    David Gwilliam Well-Known Member

    I may have missed some information amidst all the doom and gloom. When Chilwell came on for Amartey did we still have a back four or change to a back three.
  6. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    To be honest I don’t know for sure. And I don’t think the players knew either seeing as they were all over the place.
  7. Looked to me like we went 3-5-1-1.
  8. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

    We switched to a back three of Morgan, Maguire and Fuchs, with Albrighton and Chilwell as wing backs. We then later pushed Chilwell forward, put Fucks at left back again and moved Albrighton to right back, when we switched back to a back four, in the second half.
  9. bloo

    bloo Active Member

    We seem all over the place at the moment. Other than KS in goal and Vardy up front, it can otherwise seem pretty free format. I'm not sure if that's sort of the plan or just how it ends up.
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  10. Rock Fox

    Rock Fox Active Member

    It's a pity because if he'd spent more time watching the game he might have picked up a few tips from the B'mouth goalie on how to command his area - I think he gathered or punched the ball away on 11 of the 13 corners - we were never going to score from them - fortunately for us, no goalie would have had a chance against Mahrez's brilliant swerving free kick
  11. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    The reason he gathered the ball from our corners was mostly because of our ineptitude at both taking the corner and our movement inside the box.
  12. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    From the BBC match report:

    "The Cherries could have had a chance to double their lead shortly after the break, when Charlie Daniels appeared to be pulled down in the box by Wilfred N'didi."

  13. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    So why don't you and your kindle just stay at home and write a match report afterwards.
    It might even be a bit more positive than the dioreah you often come out with
  14. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    Having read some of the comments on here, I have 1 question.
    Are Leicester city supporters becoming the most conceited bunch of ######?
  15. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    I don't know. What does ###### mean?
  16. Lako42

    Lako42 Well-Known Member

    Not sure I understand.
  17. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

    Brilliant goal. We will miss him.
  18. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    Will we ?
    No doubt about his unmistakable talent, but he doesn't walk on watet
  19. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    Stop being facetious or pedantic.( whichever applies to you)
    Let me put it in layman's terms
    Since we won the league, many so called fans , believe we should be steamrolling over so called lesser teams because we are the mighty Leicester City that won the Premier league.
    Ask Blackburn how that one worked out.
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  20. SwedeFox

    SwedeFox Well-Known Member

    The answer seems to be yes
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018

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