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Post Match Leicester City 1 Burnley 0

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by popillius, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. give_us_a_wave

    give_us_a_wave Well-Known Member

    **** that. I want Arsenal's Europa League spot. Be hilarious to see them out of Europe altogether. Even Teflon Wenger couldn't survive that.
  2. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

    Spurs and Arse finishing outside of top six would be a delight.

    Still want us to have a proper go in carabao too
  3. Lako42

    Lako42 Well-Known Member

    Agree with all of it apart from the last paragraph.

    The manager sets us up to get in front in the 1st half, it's not lucky.

    He is detailed and seems to be a real manager rather than half of the merry-go-round imposters that seem to constantly end up in work in England.

    I genuinely believe we need to back and embrace his methods, just like I said when Ranieri was appointed.

    Second half today was quality, if we can improve our final ball, Mahrez release it earlier and Vardy make more intelligent runs rather than sticking between the centre halves then we will be very dangerous.
  4. Lako42

    Lako42 Well-Known Member

    Oh and Albrighton was MOTM by a distance, covered every blade.
  5. Orifice

    Orifice Well-Known Member

    Played 15
    W 5 - D 5 - L 5
    Scored 20
    Conceded 20

    I love boring statistics.
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  6. homer

    homer Well-Known Member

    Was some lovely stuff in that second half, and we really should have scored a couple more

    Back four were fantastic, central two were again commanding, Vardy's runs off the ball were top class. Both Albrighton and Mahrez were absolutely feckin' brilliant

    Could moan about the fact that we were a bit wasteful, but that's being harsh. I will complain long and loud, however, about our set pieces, at both ends, 'cos they're an embaassment

    Burnley are a well organised lot, but are completely and utterly bland in every possible way. Just dull. Would hate to watch that every week

    Dyche is a moaning, whining mardy arsed bitch who whinged and complained at every sngle decision - even the blatantly obvious ones. What a vile whiny twat he is. Thank feck we didn't appoint him
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  7. give_us_a_wave

    give_us_a_wave Well-Known Member

    Always going on about being skint too. My guess is it's to avoid getting his round in.
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  8. frankw

    frankw Active Member

    I have forgotten what I was going to say. I obviously made a mistake on my log-in page and since, I have had a CIA interrogation on my past history. The answer is do not try to post when you have had 12 people round for lunch and drank an equivalent number of bottles of St Emilin red wine
  9. Speedy1

    Speedy1 Active Member

    Love a St Emilion. Had a couple of bottles myself this afternoon/evening.

    Missed the first 30 mins of this, but enjoyed the other 60. Never felt we were in danger of conceding (unlike Tuesday night) and thought we were unlucky not to add to the score.

    It's early days, but we seem (in patches ATM) to be evolving into a side that can pass the ball, mix up the play and adapt to the opposition as opposed to a side with just a plan A. Been a joy to watch in the last few games. Once we can manage it for 90 minutes, we'll be awesome! Puel IN. Is this the start of something a bit special?

    Somehow, Mahrez has to be persuaded to stay come January.
  10. Micky

    Micky Well-Known Member

    I thought we were a different class in the second half. Burnley were clearly inferior to us and we played some excellent football. I didn't actually think we had the team to do it but we can play some lovely patient football. Oh, and Mr Mahrez needs to stay because when he is full of confidence he is an beautiful player to watch. There was one occasion in the second half when he took a clearance in full stride and danced around their players. It way joyous and only he could do it.

    As for Harry Maguire, whilst he quite rightly has his critics, he is an excellent footballer. He just needs to work on the rugged side of the game. I really do like seeing him on the ball because you just know he will pick a good pass.

    Finally, if we can add a little more quality in January, alongside Mr Silva, I really do think we can push for the top six. There you go, something positive from me. Enjoy your evening, you beauties.
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  11. popillius

    popillius Well-Known Member

    Is that you Superscout?
  12. frankw

    frankw Active Member

    I have just remembered what I was going to say. We have 14 points from the last 7 games. If we can continue that form, we would end up with 66 points and that is a top 4/5 finish and Europe to follow.

    My apologies for an excess of red wine
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  13. camberwell fox

    camberwell fox Well-Known Member

    Never apologise for being pissed, particularly on decent red wine.

    Welcome to the loony bin.
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  14. silly fox

    silly fox Active Member

    Good result, decent performance and Mahrez was different gravy again. Best wishes to Robbie Brady, a decent and honest pro who looks like he’ll be out for a while.
  15. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

    I thought Vardy showed a lot of awareness and discipline to hold the ball up today, adapted his game well to make different spaces and angles for Gray and Mahrez.
  16. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    I'm not that sort. Feck Brady and his dangerous lunge that could have broken Maguire's leg. He should have had a red card waved in his face as he passed the ref on that stretcher.
  17. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

    It was a horrible Sunday league heavy touch and lunge. I'm not wishing a broken ankle on the guy but I cant say I have much sympathy.
  18. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

    Was a dreadful tackle really. To not get booked at a minimum was incorrect.

    Still, hope he recovers.
  19. SilverFox

    SilverFox Well-Known Member

    Thank **** Sean Dyche is not our manager. Boring boring Burnley.
  20. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    Promotion form

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