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Man City - TUESDAY 18TH JAN 2011 - 7.45pm

Discussion in 'Go Away' started by Nottingham Fox, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Nottingham Fox

    Nottingham Fox Moderator

    The game will again be broadcast live on ESPN.

    The club has been allocated 6,000 tickets at the following prices:

    Adults £15

    Over 65's £10

    16 to 21 year olds £10

    Under 16's £5

    In line with the club's priority ticketing policy, tickets will be made available to priority 1 and 2 Season Ticket Holders first, followed by priority 3 Season Ticket Holders, Members and the general public, should any tickets remain available.

    Full selling details:

    Priority 1 and Priority 2 Season Ticket Holders:
    (One Ticket per Season Ticket reference)

    Online orders only
    Monday from 5pm
    In person and online
    Tuesday from 9am

    Priority 3 Season Ticket Holders:
    (One ticket per Season Ticket reference)

    Online and in person.
    Wednesday from 9am

    (One ticket per Membership number)

    Should any tickets remain, these will go on sale on-line and in person.
    Thursday from 9am.

    General Sale:
    (Maximum 4 tickets per person)

    Should any tickets still remain, these will go on sale on-line and in person.
    Friday from 9am

    Supporters who are already registered on the Away Ticket Pre-Order scheme will have their tickets posted to them automatically.

    The Ticket Office phone lines (0844 815 5000) will also be open between 9am and 5pm on each day, however supporters are advised that waiting times should be expected at busy times and to avoid the queues, supporters are being advised to buy on-line at www.lcfc.com.

    Fox Travel:
    Leicester City will be operating its normal Fox Travel Service for this game, which will be leaving the Walkers Stadium at 2pm on the Tuesday afternoon.

    Prices are as follows:

    Season Ticket Holders £20
    Non-Season Ticket Holders £23

    (Under 18s & Over 60s)

    Season Ticket Holders £18
    Non-Season Ticket Holders £21

    It's all yellow...

    As City will be playing in yellow for the big game, we will be giving away a voucher for 50% OFF the official yellow away replica shirt for every Manchester City ticket purchased!

    *Whilst stocks last
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2011
  2. Leicityfox

    Leicityfox Member

    I'm there ;)
  3. Nottingham Fox

    Nottingham Fox Moderator

    It's next Tuesday, not this Tuesday you plum!
  4. GazLCFC

    GazLCFC Active Member

  5. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    How come it's so cheap?
  6. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    I wonder if they want to sell as many tickets as possible.
  7. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    ah yes, but that's good value isn't it. I might go.
  8. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    It's not unusual in FA Cup ties.
  9. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Really? That's good - I'm pleased. You going?
  10. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    I am.
  11. Han

    Han Active Member

    I was almost persuaded to go to this, turns out I won't be able to leave leicester 'til 5, which is pushing it a bit. Bugger.
  12. supedaj

    supedaj Member

    hi there

    Is anyone from London driving up?
    Just had a look at train tickets and they're on at £98!
  13. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Single tickets from London to Manchester on the afternoon of the game are still available for £17 (for example the 13:40, arriving in Manchester at 15:49, and some earlier trains).

    Tickets are available to London on Wednesday morning for £23.50. (eg 10:35, and some later trains)

    Total £40.50.

    You should be able to find these tickets on the East Midlands Trains website.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2011
  14. supedaj

    supedaj Member

    cheers Jeff will take a look
  15. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Or for a really cheap option...

    On Megabus you can do the trip for £14

    Leave London at midday, get to Manchester at 17:00 for £8

    The first bus back after the match is at 4AM, which is £11, but there are later ones available for as little as £6.
  16. supedaj

    supedaj Member

    The return is coming out at £59 - cant see a 10:35 but can see 10:23 and 10:42 - both of which are £59

    As for megabus - thats not bad given the price but 5 hours on a coach is too long for me i'm afraid - would rather just pay a bit extra and get there in less than half the time...
  17. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    Try the eastcoast site. I can still see £17 on the way up and £23.50 on the way back.

    Trains for London leave Manchester at 15, 35 and 55 minutes past each hour all day, so you're definitely doing something wrong.
  18. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    I was talking about the times they leave Manchester, you're looking at the time they arrive in London.

    The 10:23 and 10:42 arrivals into London are £59.50.

    The 10:35 departure from Manchester, which gets to London at 12:42, is £23.50.
  19. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member


    Use the East Midlands Trains site.

    Then I'll get 1% commission. Now what can I buy for 40p?
  20. supedaj

    supedaj Member

    Yep - ignore me. Was checking these prices on an iPhone browser (site doesnt load properly on work machine) and was zoomed in reading the arrival times thinking they were departures. I see them now at £23.50.

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