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Matt Elliot = LEGEND!!!

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Teeno, Jan 25, 2004.


matt elliot, legend or not?

  1. definatly,

  2. no i don't think so

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  3. not sure

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  1. Teeno

    Teeno New Member

    allthough i think that matty is past his best now and i wouldn't put him in my starting 11, i think that over his 7 years here he has earned legendry status! he has been a regular in our side for the last seven seasons and has been a great captain!
    i get the image that alot of people veiw on matty is that he's past his best and a bad player, but in his day he could handle any premiership striker, he's a very similar player to walshy and likes to score a few aswell!

    he just about single handedly won the cup for us in 2000 with those two goals against tranmere, i think that is what will remember about him most, It was a shame that we got him when half his carear had already gone, but please don't slag him of or forget what he's done for us, as he's a good squad player to have when we have injuries!
    i think matty has earned legendry status here for his great captincy and winning the cup for us. i think if we stay up this season then he will leave and drop a division as he would rather leave here on a high then rot on the bench!

    thanks for the memories matt, i think your a legend and have done great things for the club, whats everyne else's opions,
  2. chrislcfc18

    chrislcfc18 New Member

  3. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    He's done a great job for the club, and everyone should respect that. He's a good squad player to have and I don't think he's done too badly when he's played. He's obviously not the same player from 3 years ago, but useful to have around nonetheless.....Would rather not have him at the club with the wages he's on, but we can't do anything about it until his contract runs out.
  4. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    He's certainly a legend, but now we must move on!
  5. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Heath is not the answer though unfortunately - Priet might be though. :)
  6. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    Have we seen enough of Priet though! we should give the lad a shot in the first team! on for 20 minutes at Villa to rest Thatcher a bit
  7. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    He's 20, he's only been given 1 sub appearance aint he? How can he be a great prospect. I think he was only signed on a 1 year contract, so we may not even keep him in the summer! :shock:
  8. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    By all accounts, he has impressed in the reserves and has looked more accomplished than Heath. That one sub appearance was against Crewe for 10 minutes. :eek:
  9. Scarby

    Scarby Active Member

    Scowy if you watched the last reserves game and saw jnr Lewis you would have thought he is the best thing since sliced bread...one game isnt enough to value a player on especially for 10 mins. As for his apperances in the reserves they arent really premiership standard are they
  10. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Read again. I merely suggested that Priet has been the better of the 2 in the reserves this season. And its not based on one game, it based on quite a few he has played. Obviously playing in the reserves isn't an ideal barometer to ascertain whether a player is good enough or not, but it helps.

    I was referring to Petrescu who said he has had only one sub appearance in the first team - I confirmed it was the Crewe game...Didn't mention anything about his ability or that he should be included in the first team.

    Jeeeeeez SF, you're hard work. Read what is there, not between the lines. :wink:
  11. pipes

    pipes New Member

    eliott is double 't' - not elliot 8)
  12. Ashov

    Ashov New Member

    yes Elloitt is legend in my opinion
  13. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    Matt Elliott is without a doubt a Leicester legend! What he has done for this club is amazing and I hope Lecester fans remember that.
  14. Singth

    Singth Active Member

    Anyone who puts in more than six years service at a club should be praised. It don't often happen now.
  15. sheffield_fox

    sheffield_fox New Member

    He is a legend and this is what I was trying to say when people were coming on blasting him, calling him a w*nker and everything after the birmingham game. He didn't deserve the amount of abuse he got then.
  16. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    No, not a legend, we've had this one before I think.

    Move on Micky.
  17. pipes

    pipes New Member

    joe fox theres a difference between being a legend -ie having given great service etc like he has done and being great now. im saying he is a legend cos of all the great things hes done for our club. yes, micky should move on but u cant say he isnt a legend - we wouldnt have won the cup in 2001 had he not scored that double, and many more goals throughout his city career have been really important. we wouldnt be where we are today if it wasnt for matt
  18. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    I disagree. I think Matty has done well, and scored some vital goals, but I do not think you can call him a legend.

    Here and also here For Elliot debates
  19. Singth

    Singth Active Member

    Totally agree pipes.
  20. sheffield_fox

    sheffield_fox New Member

    I think you are in the minority on this one joe. He has been a great captain for many years, his goals propelled us to great heights and he has been as solid as a rock. Not as big a legend as Walshie, but still a legend in his own right.

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