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Never leave Marlon

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by alex, Sep 1, 2003.


Marlon, good or bad for the site?

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  1. alex

    alex Well-Known Member

    I have to say - I don't think i've enjoyed this site as I do with a For*** fan on it....now ain't that strange? The banter is superb....nice one Marlon.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    yep! have to agree. marlon is good for the site. some of the leicester fans have to learn not to bite when he serves up his forest talk. keep em coming marlon!
  3. mad biker

    mad biker New Member

    Can`t agree I`m affraid, banter is one thing downright abuse and slagging our team is quite another, and that sodding picture hisses me off to the max ! I`ve asked WM times to at least get rid of that if not the man himself.
  4. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    "Marlon" is starved of attention in his "normal" environment and by coming here it gives him the attention he craves. If no-one responded to his posts I am convinced that he would give up and go somewhere else.
  5. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    Marlon winds me up because he talks rubbish and adds nothing to this forum. I don't mind a bit of banter but when he comes out with all his usual crap which have no fact to back them up it winds me and a lot of others up. He lives in the past and thinks clubs historys are more important than the present, he passes everything he doesn't want to belive off as complete rubbish and lies, that ugly picture is getting on my tits and he supports Forest so already theres enough reasons why I don't want him here.
  6. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Come on you lot - you have to a little bit of sympathy for him. He holds this inferiority complex about us and this means he can't resist coming on this board.

    Just take Marlon with a pinch of salt - he's harmless.
  7. Dunc

    Dunc New Member

    Thats the key, just don't bite all the time and just laugh at him.
  8. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Marlon speaks like a true forest fan

    Marlon's posts are ridiculous, and the amount of time it spends writing on this site is worrying. Do these things have anything better to do? I think Forest fans, especailly Marlon, have extreme inferiority complexes. It just makes LCFC even better when other teams' fans post jelousy on our site.
  9. alex

    alex Well-Known Member

    But that's the whole point isn't it? Poor ickle Marlie the Tree scum**g who enjoys nothing more than time with Leicester City fans....he'll be a City fan soon.....watch for him in the kop...
  10. londonfox

    londonfox Well-Known Member

    Marlon, as much as any treehugger can be, U da Man, keep posting on here for as long as u like... I can always rely on u for a good laugh. Friendly banter is good for us all, and hey, at least he doesn't fornicate with sheep.

    Christ :eek: thanks to Marlon I even found myself watching the trees beat Norwich on Sky at well past midnight. Didn't know the score and kept hoping Norwich might grab one
  11. alex

    alex Well-Known Member

    London Fox that's me too mate!!! Not only am I now based in London too.....I was also praying on the Canaries.....rubbish they were though eh?!!
  12. londonfox

    londonfox Well-Known Member

    Alex, whereabouts in London r u based ? I saw a family in Regent Street the other week and the youngest of their kids had on a city shirt. Didn't walk past u and not know it did I mate...?
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    Not me fella' my boy's only 2 months old!!! Although he has a kit already!!!! I'm based in Crystal Palace....shit ground, nice park.
  14. alex

    alex Well-Known Member

    Sorry mate that was me on the last post...
  15. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    I have said it before and I will say it again. "Marlon" is starved of attention in his "normal" environment and by coming here it gives him the attention he craves. If no-one responded to his posts I am convinced that he would give up and go somewhere else.
  16. pds

    pds Active Member

    steven i like your picture on the side, who is it?
  17. Marlon

    Marlon New Member

    helen chamberlain from soccer am.

    i had that avatar on the forest forum about 2 years ago. :lol:
  18. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    I thought it was her - I'll give her 6/10. :wink:
  19. pds

    pds Active Member

    mind you my rachel stevens one is still better even if he can't sing
  20. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    That's a bit harsh calling her a man!

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