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Nistelrooy or Henry

Discussion in 'Football' started by Ashov, Apr 13, 2004.


Henry or Van Nistelrooy

  1. Henry

  2. Van Nistelrooy

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  1. Ashov

    Ashov New Member

    Henry the fast skillful wizard or Tap in King Goal Machine Van the Man ?
    Who you prefer in your team ?
  2. hob-fox

    hob-fox Banned

    i heard van nistlerooy might be going to barcelona at the end of the season
  3. MKFox

    MKFox New Member

    horse boy gets on my tits.
    I still think there was something strange going on when his knee popped in that very public training session.
    henry's doing a great job for me in the fantasy league too!
  4. trickytrev

    trickytrev New Member

    Van Nistelrooy was amazing last season, but he has had a bad season this year by those standards. Henry has improved loads this season and is now the best player in the world.
  5. Teeno

    Teeno New Member

    Henry has a much better all around game so he nicks it for me.
  6. buzzer_b

    buzzer_b New Member

    Henry by miles. He sets up goals aswell as scoring them. Some of his goal are unbelievable. Van 'The Man' just seems to score simple goals.
  7. Ashov

    Ashov New Member

    I voted Henry .............Van has no votes at the min :?
  8. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    Henry without a doubt.

    Van Horseface is only good in the six yard box! :wink:
  9. Dorkwolf

    Dorkwolf New Member

    It has to be Henry every time. I've got concerns about Van the man! :lol:


    Is that Roy Keane dare I ask? :roll: :wink:
  10. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    That isn't even a question. Henry is 100 times the player Horse face is!
  11. buzzer_b

    buzzer_b New Member

    thats Fvcking Sick!
  12. rotherhamfox

    rotherhamfox New Member

    The Real Dorkwolf is emerging.
  13. Dorkwolf

    Dorkwolf New Member

    Please explain what you mean by real. :?
  14. rotherhamfox

    rotherhamfox New Member

    A man who enjoys gay porn.
  15. rotherhamfox

    rotherhamfox New Member

    A man who enjoys gay porn.
  16. hob-fox

    hob-fox Banned

    yeh, hairy gay men porno, no chicks allowed
  17. buzzer_b

    buzzer_b New Member

    ....who like touching man breasts :lol:
  18. rotherhamfox

    rotherhamfox New Member

    The worrying thing is that is infact Van Nistelrooy, back of the net.
  19. buzzer_b

    buzzer_b New Member

    No fvcking way is that Van!

    Is It :?: :wink:

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