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Overseas TV money

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by glyn, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. glyn

    glyn Well-Known Member

    No mention this week on here about the significant attempt by the ‘big 6’ to share the overseas TV money according to league position rather than equally. Clearly everyone is to busy posting negative post after negative post about our current predicament.

    Anyway a truly horrible idea. But a nugget buried in an article on the Times today suggested that we (along with West Ham and Everton) provided ‘cautious backing’ to the idea. It was a secret ballot so no one knows how the voting went.

    Delusions of grandeur?
    Evidence that our owners retain the same ambitions for us to be competing at the top?
  2. homer

    homer Well-Known Member

    Evidence that our owners are just foriegn businessmen who completely ignorant of anything football-related
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  3. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    Who are the big 6?
    If it's premier league winners, it has to include us and Blackburn!
  4. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    Arsenal, Manure, Liverpool and 3 others I assume. The two new ones are probably Man City and Chelsea. No idea on the last one....Sheff Wed? Forest? Us?
  5. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    In terms of premier league, what makes Liverpool big?
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  6. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Only three clubs (Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea) have won more points than Liverpool in the history of the Premier League.
  7. glyn

    glyn Well-Known Member

    They came third in a two horse race
  8. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    Our owners do whatever Chelsea tell them to.
  9. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

  10. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    So they've got longevity on their side, but they're under achievers like Everton, Spurs, Newcastle et all
    Clubs that think they are big.
  11. homer

    homer Well-Known Member

    Wait - people are saying Liverpool aren't a 'big' club ?

  12. Micky

    Micky Well-Known Member

    What about Leatherhead?
  13. Ike O'Noclassed

    Ike O'Noclassed Well-Known Member

    Jeering at the underachievers aside, the big 6 are mostly defined by their turnover, with the two Manc clubs at half billion a year, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool a £100m or more less, then Spurs at a quarter of a billion. The rest of us are a big step down from that.

    Over the 25 years of the Prem, Chelsea and Man City have made a money-fuelled climb up the pecking order, and Everton have slipped out of the self-proclaimed big 5.
  14. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

    Big lips
  15. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    In terms overall achievements, they are big
    In terms of achievement in the premier league, they are also rans.
    Blackburn Rovers have achieved more!
  16. give_us_a_wave

    give_us_a_wave Well-Known Member

    Any club outside of those 6 that backs this proposal is a shambles run by fuckwits. End of fucking discussion. All 6 can **** OFF...then when they get to wherever they FUCKED OFF to they can **** OFF from there as well. Then they can carry on FUCKING OFF until they've circumnavigated reality & ended up back where they began. Then they can **** OFF all over again.
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  17. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

    Wow is right.
  18. FOX Franks

    FOX Franks Well-Known Member

    Agreed, it's like someone voting for a colleague to get some of their pay because they're in a better place in the office. Nonsense.

    Would make the weighting in the league worse.
  19. Real Sharapova

    Real Sharapova Well-Known Member

    I think it was 35% to be allocated according to league positon, the rest to be spread equally. The domestic money is to a certain extent determined on league position, so I don't quite see the need to get knickers in a twist TBH. By the way, a vote was not taken, it will be discussed at a future meeting.
  20. big_mac4824

    big_mac4824 Well-Known Member

    Eloquently put concise and to the point!
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