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Premier League 2017/18

Discussion in 'Football' started by Blaarev, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. give_us_a_wave

    give_us_a_wave Well-Known Member

    Yep. Spoilt my evening.
  2. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

  3. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

  4. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    It's kicking off at West Ham. Fans on pitch waving the corner flags and referee halting match . . .

    Apparently, home fans fighting with each other and stewards can't stop them . . .

    Described as 'absolute carnage'!

    Unfortunate photo . . .

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  5. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

  6. homer

    homer Well-Known Member

    Couldn't happen to nicer team....
  7. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

  8. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

    More class from West Ham

  9. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

  10. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

  11. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    It was toxic at West Ham because they're supported by cunts. They've got themselves an excuse right now but they've rarely needed one in the past.
  12. jb5000

    jb5000 Well-Known Member

    In a city where you can choose to be a Chelsea fan, it's hard to believe that they're all cunts. Still, an interesting read though I think there's more to be said (and being said) about the owners.
  13. Ike O'Noclassed

    Ike O'Noclassed Well-Known Member

    So Pardew outlasts Pellegrino.

    Laugh if they go for Nige.
  14. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    Are you an ostrich?
  15. Motown Fox

    Motown Fox Well-Known Member

    Just in time for their Quarter Final -Wigan looking favourites now
  16. give_us_a_wave

    give_us_a_wave Well-Known Member

    Brings back memories of nasty times. I actually know a former ICF guy. Pretty well known one.
    Nice bloke as it goes. I consider him a friend. The key to that being, in his own words:

    "giving up the stupid kiddy shit when you stop being a stupid kiddy"

    These cretins on the other hand are in their fucking 50s & their proudest moments are STILL being a teenage wanker.

    Tell them to go get fucked.

    I wonder what it would be like if my teenage achievements were still the highlight of my existence?

    That's a lie though. I don't wonder any such thing. Because it's fucking obvious to anyone with a brain cell what it'd be like.

    I'd be a prize ****.
  17. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

    The manager merry-go-round continues to spin. Mark Hughes takes over at Soton.
  18. Robin127

    Robin127 Well-Known Member

    This was part of an email from my brother the other day

    "Appointing Pardew showed how much they know about football. I saw it a hundred times in my working life. Some outside investor would buy a company then appoint a real deadbeat because he had "been in the business for many years and had a wealth of experience". Invariably it was a tosser who had failed at umpteen companies."

    Can easily apply to Hughes too.
  19. glyn

    glyn Well-Known Member

    Wow, football really is rubbish isn’t it. Have Brighton really ‘rested’ on fire Glenn Murray for an FA Cup Quarter-Final? For Leo? Sitting in 12th in the PL on 34 pts?

    Dread to think what team we will put out tomorrow.
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  20. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    I'm bracing myself for Ben Hamer.

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