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Premier League 2017/18

Discussion in 'Football' started by Blaarev, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    Have you forgotten his transfer business at Everton and with us over the last couple of years?

    We all know he struck lucky with Mahrez seeing as he was playing when he went to scout another player. Kante was a master stroke but for every Kante there’s a Musa.

    No thanks. Let’s look forward.
  2. SwedeFox

    SwedeFox Well-Known Member

    That seems like pretty competent scouting to me
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  3. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    I think that's a very short sighted view of his qualities.

    He has said that when he scouts a player, he doesn't just look at what the team needs and whether the player fits with that. He also looks at what the player could be, whether this suits the moment or not. For an example of this, look at someone like Kramaric. A very good player now and one that would command a much higher fee than what we offloaded him for. He came to us and the time just wasn't right.

    I'm sure he's added some excellent players to the Everton squad. They're just not gelling and there are too many at once. This was demanded by Koeman. I think it's well known that Koeman and Walsh didn't get on well. Walsh wasn't close to the training ground and manager in the same way as he was here and that was a mistake on Koeman's part.

    I also think that the signings we made that were Walsh players but who played for us after he left haven't been properly integrated into the squad. Walsh saw what he did in them but failed to work with both the players and the manager/coaches to get what he had seen onto the pitch.

    I've also seen the argument that Walsh is only good at unearthing rough diamonds. This ignores many of his successes at Chelsea, such as Drogba and Zola.

    Walsh is as good as it gets in terms of scouting and recruitment. Both Hull and us continued to use his little black book after he'd gone which is an indication of his value.

    As a Director of Football, I'd certainly prefer Walsh over someone like Rudkin who has shown no skills worthy of the role. He knows more about what makes a good footballer than almost anyone else I can think of. There is virtually zero chance that we'd have won the league, or maybe even been in the Premier League, without him.
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  4. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

  5. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

  6. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

  7. Robin127

    Robin127 Well-Known Member

    Owen Coyle as his No. 2?
  8. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

    Some reports that it would be Phil Neville....
  9. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

  10. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

    HAHAHAHA. Dear me what a lack of imagination that is.
  11. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

  12. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

  13. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

  14. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

  15. FOX Franks

    FOX Franks Well-Known Member

    Well... yes
  16. OldGit

    OldGit Well-Known Member

    West Brom should look to the wise voices on here for advice on the ideal replacement. It is clearly a job for Pulis.
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  17. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

  18. FOX Franks

    FOX Franks Well-Known Member

  19. Robin127

    Robin127 Well-Known Member

    My brother is a Baggies fan, I almost feel sorry for him.
  20. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    I don't agree about Pardew. He's a contentious character but his managerial record stands up.

    With Hodgson, Moyes, Pardew and Allardyce all going into struggling teams, I think they are all making safe and probably smart decisions.

    Of all the teams outside the big six, I only see Swansea being doomed. The other two relegation places could be any of the rest of us.

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