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Puel out

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Micky, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    Oh and someone mentioned that Vardy now looks hopeless? He's hasn't had as much as an effect in the last two games but previous to that he scored five games in a row. Vardy has scored 13 goals this season, the same as last season but in 7 less games.
  2. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    Our record suggests that sacking Puel would definitely lead to performances improving.

    Be shit, get sacked.
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  3. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    Are you not literate enough to debate the opinion with a structured response, without resulting to petulant and immature name calling?

    If anyone has come across as a bell end, or rather “bellend”, I’m afraid it’s you.
  4. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    BN it's been 24 matches. He's lost 6. He hasn't even had a pre-season or a summer transfer window.

    Musa and Slimani have finally been shipped out on loan. King has finally been loaned out. The dead wood is leaving.

    Give the guy a little time. Puel is a football manager and nothing like Shakey who let's face it should never manage a team again. Shakey is a coach, a very good one, but just that.
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  5. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    Ahh it was you. I stand by what I said. And the "Bell end" typo was just that - a typo.
  6. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    Shakey has an almost identical record. Whilst playing football nowhere near as hideous.
  7. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    Anyone here doesn't possibly think that replacing Puel with Appleton would be a positive move?

    It's one think getting rid of Puel and a completely separate thing to replace him with Michael Appleton. No offence to him but that last club he managed was Oxford.
  8. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    That would be a no then.
  9. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    Shakey had a pre-season and a summer transfer window. The reason he was sacked in the end was his disastrous run at the end of his tenure.
  10. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    You should have told Porto of your opinion before they plucked Mourinho from a Portuguese club no one had ever heard of, and then went on to win the Champions League.
  11. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    He's had plenty of time. If it's going to take him a couple of years to make any sort of positive impression, he'll never last long enough. So what's the point? Our owners won't stand this for much longer.

    Any manager of Leicester City has to deliver a team that can compete alongside or just behind the top six. We're miles behind them under Puel's turgid, depressing and rotten football. It's blindingly obvious that our players don't like it either.

    He had a whole season in the Premier League last year and was exactly the same, boring the pants off his players and fans at a club that traditionally give their managers time. There will be no miracle if he gets a pre-season and summer transfer window. We either sack him soon, in the summer, or in October.
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  12. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    City Fan, Mourinho was assistant at Porto once before then at Barcelona and Benfica before becoming boss at the smaller team. He was hardly unknown. I remember him sitting next to Bobby Robson in Press Conferences.

    In any case, are you seriously comparing Michael Appleton and Jose Mourinho?
  13. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    Our last three home games were against absolute fodder (Swansea, Stoke, Bournemouth). Didn’t win a single one of them.

    2 wins from the last 12. Routine home wins against Watford and Huddersfield.

    Playing the most dour and inept football I’ve seen since Megson.

    Time to go.
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  14. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    I think sacking him now would but ridiculous. He's got another 9 games until the season ends.

    Reviewing the situation then would be better and make complete sense because the performances have indeed been shite recently.

    I don't agree with the Shakey comparisons, 6 points in 7 for Shakey this season before being sacked. I was at his last match and today was better than the 1-1 draw with West Brom that day. That was a dark day.

    You're right about the owners though. I don't want a third season in a row with a mid season sacking. It messes everything up.
  15. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    Now you're talking sense. It has been shit recently and I hated today as much as you I'm sure.

    Still don't think it was as bad as Shakey's last match vs West Brom.

    I hope we keep him until season's end and then review. Perhaps performances improve again. Here's to hoping.

    Stressful match. Need a beer and bubble bath.
  16. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    What happened to “giving him a chance” and “giving him a pre season and a full season”. You’ve changed your tune in the last 10 minutes.
  17. LeeCovFox

    LeeCovFox Well-Known Member

    I agree on Puel but the bit about Southampton be a club which “traditionally gives managers time” is bollocks. No manager has lasted three years there in the last twenty years and in recent history managers, of the two they had the chance to sack (Pochettino and Koeman quit) they got rid of Adkins after less than half a season in the top flight after he won two consecutive promotions, and Puel after a comfortable top half finish and a League Cup final.

    They were correct with both decisons but they certainly aren’t a club to give a manager chance. They’re set up explicitly not to; they have a strong emphasis on youth production and a particular playing style - although the latter has been betrayed in the last couple of seasons.

    Despite their current league position I quite like the model and think we could do worse than trying to emulate it. I think we are in a position to make a success of it. Swansea did similar and managed top half finishes, a cup win and resultant European football, all with attractive football.
  18. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

    I find it hard to judge a manager who hasn’t had a chance to bring in the players he wants, in order for his system to work.

    By all means, tell me he should adapt to the players he has, but many managers aren’t like that and ultimately have a tried and tested system they like (see Mourinho and Pep for examples). He has achieved success in the past and I’d like him to have the time to try here.

    It may be that Puel isn’t for us, but, me personally, I’d like to see what he could do if he had a summer to mould a squad. I don’t count the January transfer window, as it’s a notoriously difficult time to bring players in.

    I can see plenty disagree with me, but that’s how I see it.
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  19. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    I'd rather he didn't bring anyone in suited to the system were playing. We'd be totally fucked by the time the next manager starts. Let applebum run the circus until the summer and find someone then.
  20. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    Whilst I do think he needs a full season and pre-season, the performances have been shit.

    I never said sack in the summer, I said to review.

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