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Puel out

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Micky, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. fitz

    fitz Well-Known Member

    Would explain the socks
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  2. artic fox

    artic fox Member

    I didn't ask you a question,I made a statement!...did you not read my first post ;) anyway,glad to hear you are feeling better.Hope you have a great week :)
  3. Redditch Fox

    Redditch Fox Well-Known Member

    This subject has become repetitive and boring and given that we have the rare luxury for Leicester of playing a run of more or less meaningless games - bar the Chelsea fixture which we will probably unluckily lose - we can forget about it until the summer. Puel has a record of promoting turgid football and his body language doesn't indicate he is altogether happy and the players are similarly tetchy but he isn't going anywhere soon.

    If he gets the players to raise their games and stops f---ing things up with bizarre selections - all well and good, in fact, fantastic but I wouldn't rely on that happening. The real problem will be for the owners to identify another well paid mug to pick up this poisoned chalice - in the summer.
  4. camberwell fox

    camberwell fox Well-Known Member

    Why would someone be a mug to want to manage us? I’m genuinely interested.

    How many more attractive propositions than us are there in the Premier League at the moment outside of the ‘big 6?’

    What would make us unattractive to a potential suitor?
  5. Real Sharapova

    Real Sharapova Well-Known Member

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  6. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    Take your blinkers off and have a look at Claude's record away from Southampton!
  7. artic fox

    artic fox Member

    Ouch! The owners wouldn't have any problems with applications for the job that is for sure. Well run club with stable financial footing .Great Staff behind the scenes that are the envy of Clubs near and far.We are better than many clubs around us in regards to our future planning off the field & if Claude can get the footballing side of it sorted we will be getting our passports out again for another European adventure for sure.We are fan base that has tasted success,but the more grounded among us know it won't happen every year,but we can live with a little hope in our lives
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  8. Redditch Fox

    Redditch Fox Well-Known Member

    I'm reluctant to get drawn into this but can't resist the bait.

    The reason is obvious - since we won the league, we had different and very likely unreal expectations. I've always thought that the adage 'always follow failure; never follow success' was about right. I'm afraid that when Mahrez departs a bucket of cold water will cool down expectations.
  9. camberwell fox

    camberwell fox Well-Known Member

    Can’t disagree with any of that - particularly the bit about expectations but:

    It was the correct ‘football and financial’ decision to let go CR.

    It was the right decision to release CS for the same reasons as above.

    To me we are a very attractive proposition to manage due to us:

    1) Having fairly hands off owners.
    2) Having shit loads of cash.
    3) Having a very good infrastructure including the new training ground.
    4) financial stability.
    5) We pay well.
    6) A very good squad.
    7) A good heritage.

    Outside of that there are of course the pressures of expectation to deal with and perhaps ours is disproportionate to our limited success but are we not more attractive than virtually every team beneath us bar perhaps Everton (very debatable) and Newcastle (even more debatable)?
  10. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    Spot on. People always seem to under sell the attractiveness of our club. It's also made more appealing by the daylight between the CR era and now.

    Since Sven, we've also massively over paid our managers.
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  11. Redditch Fox

    Redditch Fox Well-Known Member

    Not as convinced as all that that we have ' a very good squad'. We have wasted a hell of a lot of money. If signings has turned out better then we would be in a stronger position. Take away Mahrez and we will be run of the mill. Still you are right that we have a strong infrastructure.
  12. camberwell fox

    camberwell fox Well-Known Member

    If we lost Vardy as well I might agree with you but imo he is also a cut above.
  13. popillius

    popillius Well-Known Member

    Erm..... let's agree to disagree.

    In terms of my week - the happiness of that may depend on whether my wife makes me watch Eastenders followed by some Bake Off bollocks tonight, whether I am still alive after my first squash match in 4 years tomorrow, a trip to visit the in-laws on Thursday and my wife's credit card statement due on Friday..... I've a feeling it won't be a good week.
  14. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

    But at least you have Saturday’s game to look forward to.
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  15. popillius

    popillius Well-Known Member

    Oh for f..... kick a man when he's down.
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  16. Lako42

    Lako42 Well-Known Member

    Genuinely don't get where this over expectation rubbish comes from.

    I don't hear anyone demanding anything unrealistic or out of reach.

    Some people just have such low standards it's like they want us to go back to relegation scrapping shite.

    Little old Leicester syndrome will never be far away.
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  17. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    My expectations are to look forward to and enjoy going to a football match, and to not wake up on a Saturday morning feeling like I can’t be arsed to go because I know I’ll be bored senseless by a team who only spends the last 15 minutes trying to win it.

    If that’s over expectations then so be it.
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  18. artic fox

    artic fox Member

    You Sir will need the patients of a saint!they say getting married or moving house are the most stressful times in your life. You are giving that train of thought a run for it's money .Pray for a Power outage tonight.Go to the in-laws on Saturday as you can give your missus back if the Credit Card Statement has you picking your jaw up from the floor ;)
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  19. SilverFox

    SilverFox Well-Known Member

    Is this thread a joke?
  20. alex

    alex Well-Known Member

    Sadly not.

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