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Re-live the Play Off Final 26th May 2003 again.

Discussion in 'Football' started by Dorkwolf, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. Dorkwolf

    Dorkwolf New Member

  2. Teeno

    Teeno New Member

    this deserves a ban I'm offended by this!!!!
  3. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Disgraceful. :wink:
  4. No.6 Muzzy Izzet...

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet... Active Member

    You're living in the past mate :wink: .
  5. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Not as bad as Forest I suppose. :wink:
  6. luke_lcfc

    luke_lcfc New Member

    he makes me feel sick! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  7. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    I bet you've just seen his picture.... :lol: :wink:
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