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Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by buzzer_b, Feb 9, 2004.



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  1. buzzer_b

    buzzer_b New Member

    Do you think were gunna go down??
  2. Teeno

    Teeno New Member

    edit your post buzzer and add a poll! i don't think we will
  3. Fox Fan

    Fox Fan Well-Known Member

    I'm not so sure. I think its totally ridiculous that Ferdinand looked our fittest player last night
  4. alex

    alex Well-Known Member

    I think we are yes, I think Leeds will get out of it and the three that came up, will drop...
  5. lazzer

    lazzer Moderator

    no we will stay up
  6. londonfox

    londonfox Well-Known Member

    yes i think we will go down... I think Pompey will end up being THE worst team ever to survive in the Premiership simply because ourselves, Leeds and Wolves don't have it within us to catch them...
  7. xsubmariner

    xsubmariner New Member

    No, no ,thrice no. Still plenty of footie left, still to play all teams around us, after last nights improved performance,lets believe, don't give up, fat lady aint even on the stage yet :lol:
  8. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    We have a third of the season to go, and we must play better in the last third than we have done previously. However there are a number of equally crap teams around us so to my way of thinking it is by no means certain that we will go down. If I were a bookmaker I would say it is 11/10 staying up and 4/5 going down.
  9. lumberjack

    lumberjack New Member

    its gonna be tighter than a Scotsman on a night out. 35 points may well be enough the way the last few matches have gone. We have had an awfull run but are only 2 points away from safety. What fills me with confidence is the home maches we still have to play, Wolves Pompey Man city and everton. These are matches we are more than capable of winning and would keep us up in the process. :D
  10. Malf

    Malf New Member

    You talk some sense! If we go down it will be because Leeds pull off the impossible, they are the team that might get out of it not Pompey! We'll be fine if we keep up the performances like tuesday night.
  11. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Come off it, we'll finish 11th and that's a fact!
  12. Dickovforengland!

    Dickovforengland! New Member

    I don't know, I think its still possible especially if we beat wolves and pompey at home (likely) and Leeds away (possible if Muzz is back). We have had a bloody rough time but I know we are capable of beating those 3 which will go a long way to keeping us up. Am confident we can do as well as the other 3 in the other matches and Everton/Man City aren't out of it. A couple of wins can catapault us up the league and in the last 2 games we have played well enough to earn 4 points rather than 1.

    I'll stick my neck out and say we will finish 17th with Leeds Pimpey Wolves behind us in that order.
  13. lumberjack

    lumberjack New Member

    How are we doing in the fair play league? 17th position and in to europe through the back door would be very nice thankyou much :mrgreen:
  14. Ashov

    Ashov New Member

    No we wont go down

  15. highland fox

    highland fox New Member

    It's all really close,I look at a team like Everton and I see them as real relegation candidates.You take Rooney out of their side and there is a lot of mediocrity,there is not a lot that they have which is better than we have.As for the Fair Play League.....I think our position in that league mirrors our position in the Premier.
  16. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    I think we're the worst in fair play :? :|
  17. lumberjack

    lumberjack New Member

    bet were top of the own goal league. Wonder if that has a european place attached to it :lol:
  18. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    You're on good form to-day. Jumped to top of my list for the funniest poster awards. :wink:

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