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Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Joe_Fox, Jan 28, 2004.


What would you prefer?

  1. Relegation, Adams leaving, O'Neill coming back

  2. Survival, Adams staying

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  1. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    If LCFC got relegated this season and Adams left in the Summer for Southampton, and O'Neill came back to manage LCFC, would anyone be happy?
  2. Naughty Fox

    Naughty Fox New Member

    Nice one Joe :?
    I have gone for Adams staying as he has started something good from the ashes of PT and admin and would have a bit of money to spend and Izzet would stay. MON coming back would have meant less financial stability in your scenario due to relegation.
  3. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    It's a bit slow today, that's all, and this snow/ice has really got me annoyed!
  4. sheffield_fox

    sheffield_fox New Member

    i don't think there is really gonna be much contest on this one
  5. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Well let's hope Micky reads it and sees how much we all love him.
  6. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    The club is more important than the manager, so I went with surviving.
  7. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Well done Ricey - have you put the my link on your site yet?
  8. londonfox

    londonfox Well-Known Member

    Micky to stay... because if he keeps us up then he'll have done an excellent job... Let MON rot up in that footballing backwater that is Scotland...
  9. Billy Boy

    Billy Boy New Member

    Who's the idiot wants us relegated! :x
  10. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Most stupid poll ever.
  11. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    2nd most stupid poll ever actually
  12. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    The poll is asking Would we rather stay up or go down....Irrespective of the manager, that is just a brainless question to ask.......
  13. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    No it's not, It's asking whether people would prefer getting O'Neill back at the price of relegation, or survive and not get O'Neill back - have a word Scowy.
  14. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Yes it is because O'Neill would never come back in the first place. No manager is bigger than the club - Even O'Neill. Relegation is a horrid thing, and wouldn't want him back at the expense of that happening.
  15. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Ever heard the phrase "Hypothetically" Scowy? :roll:
  16. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    Ever heard the phrase 'Hypothetical, but totally unrealistic?'
  17. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    That's more of a clause actually, if you belieev in that kind of thing.
  18. Teeno

    Teeno New Member

    i take it the first most stupid poll was ashov's hoo tommy wright
  19. Billy Boy

    Billy Boy New Member

    It has my vote. :lol:
  20. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    What was that one? Was Ashov drunk?

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