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Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Malf, Mar 31, 2004.


What part will the spud play against Leeds?

  1. The Lovechild will start and play crap

  2. Be a sub and come on and look lost as usual

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  3. Be an un-used sub

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  4. Not even make the bench because he's shit.

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  1. Malf

    Malf New Member

    I have set-up a poll because i'm unsure about Scowcroft now he's available again!
  2. Naughty Fox

    Naughty Fox New Member

    Can not see MA changing the team with Bent playing so well on the right, if Bent moves upfront then Scowcroft will come on.
    Scowcroft is a good player but he has played out of position for so long that his form has dipped dramatically.
  3. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Malf, you've missed out "Will start and put in a legendary performance and score a hat-trick helping LCFC romp to a 5-0 win!" :lol:
  4. bua

    bua New Member

    I bet £20 it'll be walker, scimeca, heath, dabizas, thatcher, scowcroft, freund, izzet, guppy, bent, dickov starting.
  5. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    That's a very confident prediction bua. I think Micky will pick the right team, that's all I know.
  6. Malf

    Malf New Member

    I've got nothing against Scowcroft, but as it's an on-going joke on here about him I thought i'd do my bit. I can't stand him on the right wing though, or the left for that fact. I have a horrible feeling he'll be on the left, with Bent on the right and Dickov and Ferdy up front. Adams needs to stick him on the bench and bring him on when Ferdy gets fcvked.
  7. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Guppy must play on the left. We get so much joy from that side and Guppy's crossing is awesome.

    To be honest, I cannot see Micky changing a team that has taken 5 points from the last three games and only conceded 1 goal in 4.
  8. Malf

    Malf New Member

    I do think Ferdinand might be rested against Leeds. He hasn't been that effective in the past two games and Adams might well move Bent upfront and Scowcroft on the right. Guppy has to play, what was he thinking of putting Nalis out there against Liverpool? What purpose could he possibly serve out there, Adams does ammuse me. He said after the Everton game he felt we needed to play with wingers at home and get the ball in the box, so what does he do in the next home game? Not bother playing one!!
  9. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    It's like he is playing mind games, but playing them so badly that, in essence, he is playing them well!
  10. Malf

    Malf New Member

    Fox you are nearly on 5 figures, that's obscene. It's like i've just seen your penis or something.
  11. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Gawd, so I am!

    To be honest, I'm not surprised. Many a fool has been jealous of this mammoth effort and his/her bickering has pushed my post meter right up into the far reaches of the 10th millenium!
  12. homer237

    homer237 New Member

    Where is the option for "Dont really matter where he starts cos i will support him whatever, while he is in a leicester shirt"?
  13. bua

    bua New Member

    It's 100% obvious scowcroft will start on the right with ferdinand being dropped to the bench. I'll bet my house on it if you like boys?
  14. bua

    bua New Member

    It's 100% obvious scowcroft will start on the right with ferdinand being dropped to the bench. I'll bet my house on it if you like boys?
  15. Craig

    Craig New Member

    When Scowy scores again vs Leeds the poll will be totally pointless, so theres no need to even think about voting
  16. Malf

    Malf New Member

    Not an option my friend, similar to there's no option for free money at a cash point. It's a little joke that's gone on here for a while about Scowcroft and to be honest I want Leicester to field our strongest team that will give us the best chance of staying up. Scarecrow on the right wing has been extremely un-effective this season and I would like to see Bent there or even Canero.
  17. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Who started the anti-Scowcroft thing anyway?

    He's ok, nothing special but does a job.

    I bet that whoever started it also said something like "Yer, I will get 100% behind any player who pulls on the Leicester shirt"

    The amount of contradiction on this forum is outrageous!
  18. rotherhamfox

    rotherhamfox New Member

    All he can do is head like the bird in your avatar.
  19. Malf

    Malf New Member

    Anyone with half a brain knows Scowcroft shouldn't be playing at right wing, it's unfair on him, the fans and the team.
  20. londonfox

    londonfox Well-Known Member

    yeah, a very very lousy one when playing anywhere in midfield...

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