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Should Jordan Stewart start on the left wing?

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Scowcroft, Sep 2, 2003.


Should Jordan Stewart start on the left wing?

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  2. No

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  1. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    With the addition of Bent, and the obvious problem of the left wing, should Micky play Stewart on the left?

    I know he can be inconsistent and frustrating - But who else can we play there? At least Stewart is a left winger. Scowie looks very uncomfortable in that position.

    I think we should play Stewart there - Teams will expose us down our left side if we continued just to have Rogers there. I think the Boro game illustrated this problem.
  2. Tony James

    Tony James New Member

    Good point Scowie!

    I think Davidson should replace Rodgers when he is fit with Stewart on the left wing. I think Scowcroft is a good player, but he doesn't play well on the wing. Keep him on the bench as cover. My preferred 11


    Curtis Elliott Thatcher Davidson
    Gillespie Izzet Scimeca Stewart
    Bent Ferdinand
  3. Naughty Fox

    Naughty Fox New Member

    Some changes are needed for the Leeds game anyway with suspensions,
    I can see Thatcher starting on the left with Gerry in left centre, as I said after the Boro game Howey does not seem at the races at the mo so not sure what to do there.

    Curtis, Frank/Howey, Gerry, Thatcher
    Gillespie, Izzet, Nalis, Stewart
    Scowcroft, Bent

    Thats how I would start against Leeds.
    But what do I know :?
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    No scimeca?? Don't be foolish Nalis is crap compared to Scimeca
  5. Tony James

    Tony James New Member

    Scimeca is banned for sending off and Chelsea as is Rodgers and Ferdinand! :(
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    shite forgot that, is Fat Les as well??

    You think Taggart will get the call ahead of Sinclair or Howey?

    What about Dickov not in the team, i don't think Adams will drop him he hasn't done anything wrong has he?
  7. Scowcroft

    Scowcroft New Member

    For the Leeds game:





    When we have a full squad available:




  8. Tony James

    Tony James New Member

    I think MA will pick the follow team vs Leeds


    Curtis Howey Thatcher
    Impey Izzet Nalis Stewart
    Bent Dickov

    He always finds a place for Scowcroft and I think he will play him behind the front two! :D :?:
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member



    play dickov and bent together, at least they can last a half in a Leicester Shirt unlike Les ' I get sent off for a stupid reason and then go to the media and say leicester should get on with it while i get a week off' Ferdinand.

    then when Ferdinands back why not Dickov for Left wing? at least hell harry down the opposions right back!
  10. Country Fox

    Country Fox New Member

    thatchers been so good at centre back i dont think we should move him, if davidsons fit it should be him. in any case we've got so many injuries/suspensions that we might well end up playing with wing backs again
  11. Tony James

    Tony James New Member

    With Dadivson injured, Rodgers suspended and not wanting to move Thatcher. Surely it will mean a debut for Priet? He had a good pre-season and MA was raving about him! Well the whole point in having a big squad with cover in every position is to use it!

    I say play Priet at left back against Leeds!
  12. Ashov

    Ashov New Member

    Its gotta be Jordan...He is a attacking player with Talent
    with Him feeding Bent and Dickov ...Thats a Danger
    Stewart/Gillespie on the wings
  13. xsubmariner

    xsubmariner New Member

    Should Jordan Stewart start on the left wing

    To answer the original question .No, not until he buckles down and shows he wants to be part of the club.
    If all were free from suspension and/or fit I'd leave Thatcher in the centre, Davidson left back and give Rogers left midfield. On his performances this season so far, Rogers doesn't deserve to be dropped.

    If Stewart does get a chance whilst others are out I hope he does take it. Personally, I find him a frustrating player. How many times did he lose the ball under his feet in division one. In the premier he will be quickly found out, defenders will just track alongside him waiting for him to tackle himself!!

    FOX MENTAL New Member

    In every team you have posted so far i have noticed that everyone has included Curtis. But unfortunately i believe that Curtis could be out for up to a month with a torn hamstring which is why he hobbled off so early against Villa.

    Play Jordan on the left he's by far our most exciting player, bvut i think MA is leaving him out till he signs a new contract
  15. buzzer_b

    buzzer_b New Member

  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    No way should Stewart be on the left wing he was poor for most of last season in div 1, he'll be well out of his depth in the prem. Sorry but true. Scowcroft or Dickov on the left for me.
  17. Tom W

    Tom W New Member

    Dickov on the left ahead of Stewart or Brooker?!
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    I really dont mind who MA plays left wing but not Stewart he wont even get stuck in, which is one thing Dickov/Scowcroft will give for 90mins. Point i'm making is if Stewart aint got the ball at his feet which isnt very often, he isnt in the game.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member


    Jordan has blown it!

    Thinks he is a superstar when he hasn't proved a thing yet! He is not prem quality in my opinion and lacks ideas going forward. I hate to say it but Rogers has done well this season and I'd pick him before JS.
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