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Squad List 2017/18

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Jeff, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Our squad, as registered with the Premier League:

    25 Squad players (*=Home grown)
    Albrighton, Marc Kevin*
    Amartey, Daniel
    Benalouane, Yohan
    Dragovic, Aleksandar
    Fuchs, Christian
    Gordon, Joshua Luke
    Hamer, Benjamin John*
    Huth, Robert*
    Iborra, Vicente
    Jakupovic, Eldin
    James, Matthew Lee*
    King, Andrew*
    Maguire, Harry*
    Mahrez, Riyad
    Martis, Liandro Rudwendry Felipe
    Morgan, Westley Nathan*
    Musa, Ahmed
    Okazaki, Shinji
    Schmeichel, Kasper Peter*
    Silva, Adrien Sebastien Perruchet
    Simpson, Daniel Peter*
    Slimani, Islam
    Ulloa Fernandez, Jose Leonardo
    Vardy, Jamie*

    Under-21 players (Contract and Scholars)
    Barnes, Harvey Lewis
    Bolkiah, Faiq Jefri
    Bollard, Dylan Jack
    Bramley, Max
    Brown, Morgan Lea
    Chilwell, Benjamin James
    Choudhury, Hamza
    Davies, Rhys Paul Richard
    Debayo, Joshua Akinkunmi
    Dewsbury-Hall, Kiernan
    Edwards-John, Kairo
    Elewa-Ikpakwu, Edward
    Felix-Eppiah, Joshua
    Fielding, Thomas Christian
    Gill, Rubyn
    Gray, Demarai Remelle
    Heaven, George William
    Hughes, Samuel Joseph
    Husek, Lukas
    Iheanacho, Kelechi
    Iversen, Daniel
    James, Leon Pitchaya
    Johnson, Darnell Tobias Jack
    Kapustka, Bartosz
    Keaveny, Jozsef Phelim
    Knight, Joshua Michael
    Leshabela, Thakgalo Khanya
    Makanjuola, Habib Abdulfatal
    McLeod, Sammie
    Meite, Alassane
    Moore, Elliott Jordan
    Muskwe, Admiral Dalindlela
    Myring, Harrison
    Ndidi, Onyinye Wilfred
    Ndukwu, Layton Julius
    Pascanu, Alexandru Stefan
    Shade, Tyrese
    Sherif, Lamine Kaba
    Tee, Conor
    Thandi, Simranjit Singh
    Thomas, George Stanley
    Thomas, Luke Jonathan
    Uche Rubio, Raul
    Ughelumba, Calvin
    Watts, Dylan Billy
    Williams, Kian
    Wood, Connor
    Yates, Cameron James
  2. Robin127

    Robin127 Well-Known Member

    So Silva has been registered but no one is sure the transfer has gone through? and who is Liandro Martis?
  3. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    The squad list had to be sent to the Premier League on Friday, so if they didn't include him he couldn't play whether we signed him or not.

    Young winger signed last summer. He plays for the development squad, but he's now too old to be on the under 21s list.
  4. Brown Nose

    Brown Nose Well-Known Member

    72 players to fill three teams. We're growing a bit fat with no-hope players aren't we?

    A first team squad of about 23, an U23 squad of about 15 and an academy of about 18 should be plenty.

    Some signs that we're recruiting into the lower sides more now which is good if it works. The lad Meite joined us from PSG on a 3 year contract wanting first team football . . . we'll see if we ever see him. Last year it was Uche who is still here but made no impact whatsoever and Kapustka who was supposed to be a boy wonder and also got nowhere.

    Then we have the likes of Josh Gordon that we signed from Stafford Rangers and has to take one of the main squad places because he's too old for the U23s - what's the point of him then? Much like the case of Martis.

    And this year we've also added George Thomas and Sam Hughes who were getting first team football elsewhere and will no likely disappear into our system.

    My point is that we're not good at developing players at all so what's the U23s all about? They've been poor for a couple of seasons now and I can't see anyone progressing much. I don't see us doing anything at that level that will see any potential developed and improved. Maybe there are too many players and maybe our coaching at that level isn't good enough?

    Who has successfully progressed through the academy and U23s to be part of our current first team squad? Chilwell (last couple of years) and King (almost 10 years ago). It seems like we're all about signing young players now and not developing them.
  5. Lako42

    Lako42 Well-Known Member

    Our youth setup has been lacklustre for so many years that it's not expected to produce anyone truly good enough for the PL.

    It goes all the way into the lower age groups where we have fans who take their own kids to local rivals because the setup is better.

    Our staff seem to be very happy to plod along, same faces doing the same things for years.

    I wouldn't want to give up 1st team football to play for our u23 team.
  6. sparky79

    sparky79 Well-Known Member

    I think the criticism of the youth set up is harsh. Johnson, Moore, Barnes, Chilwell, Gray all shone for their respective age groups in the summer tournaments for England whilst we had several others in foreign youth international tournaments. One thing we struggle with us getting the players in to our starting line up. With only Schlupp and Chilwell making it into the regular premier league squad from the youth team in the past 3 yrs. We could do with a better strike rate than tha but it's by no means the worst and we do seem to have a more active pursuit of ones for the future recently.
    Where it falls down for me is long term commitments to players we clearly have no faith in like hamza choudury or Layton Ndukwu who seem to play heaps of games at u23 but never ever get mentioned for the senior squad. Players like that need to be given a chance elsewhere earlier rather than for until 23 in our reserves.
  7. Mike - True Blue Tinter

    Mike - True Blue Tinter Well-Known Member

    How many PL clubs are bringing their kids into the first team?

    Don't they all do what Chelsea does? Hoover up fifty kids and loan them out to L 1&2 club?
  8. Micky

    Micky Well-Known Member

    We have made a better start to this season, beating last years league winners Everton, drawing with Man City and narrowly losing to Man Utd. From what I have seen we look far more capable at that level and hopefully a couple of players will get their chance in the league cup.
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