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Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by SJN-Fox, Mar 19, 2018.

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  1. Graz

    Graz Well-Known Member

    Shaqiri apparently has a £12m release clause. I'd be on that too. Although apparently Liverpool are interested. But we'd offer more first team football.
  2. big_mac4824

    big_mac4824 Well-Known Member

    Shinji on the move? hope not he is a useful player
  3. Lako42

    Lako42 Well-Known Member

    Is this just a random comment or is there an actual story to it?
  4. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Based on this report from a Mexican newspaper.
  5. homer

    homer Well-Known Member

    Good as done, then........
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  6. Skitzo

    Skitzo Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be bothered if Shinji left, hard worker but for he either starts or isn't involved as he doesn't offer enough as a bench player and starting him means going back in style and we need to evolve, so let him leave and find first team football
  7. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    He’s been great for us, but I wouldn’t be too disappointed. Mainly because as I’ve said before, we’re going to need a creative number 10 as opposed to a workhorse, to help spread Mahrez’s contribution.
  8. TornadoShaunUK

    TornadoShaunUK Well-Known Member

    We really missed him whenever he didn't play under Shakespeare and Ranieri but not so much under Puel, maybe he just doesn't fit his intended style for us, and/or we've just become used to him not playing anymore. Okazaki is well known for his workrate off the ball and that's his only real strength - if we intend to become a possession based side then that's a player who doesn't really fit the style.
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  9. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    Evans is a brilliant signing. And for £3.5m is literally unheard of. We paid £5m for Matt Mills 7 years ago!!! In fact we paid £5m for Ade Akinbadbuy 18 years ago.


    We need another quality CB. I say sign Dragovic permanently. And then see if Hughes is ready to be pushed into the squad.

    I really hope we sign somebody with flair and tonnes of skill. We need someone with that special finesse. Anyone know much about this Turkish wonderkid?
  10. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    I'm sure £3.5 million won't be all we'll pay to get Evans. He (and his agent) will get a large signing on fee, probably several million.
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  11. Skitzo

    Skitzo Well-Known Member

    but the likely total cost will still work out to be cheaper than almost any defender of his stature and ability
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  12. Speedy1

    Speedy1 Active Member

  13. H T B

    H T B Well-Known Member

    £3.5 m in 2 instalments.
    Chuffing brilliant
  14. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

    If Shinji goes I will be genuinely gutted.

    Shinji and Mahrez in one summer would be difficult. My two favorites.
  15. homer

    homer Well-Known Member

    And possibly Wes

    Immortals. Legends

    Still, there's always Grealish and Rondon to look forward to
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  16. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

    Yes. And Big Wes.

    Shit summer.
  17. Volpone

    Volpone Well-Known Member

    Grealish going to spurs. Won't miss okazaki. Spends too much time on his arse.
  18. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

    Spurs the perfect place for him. He is the footballing embodiment of Spurs.
  19. londonfox

    londonfox Well-Known Member

    It isn’t. I heard about it yesterday.
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  20. londonfox

    londonfox Well-Known Member

    By all accounts Greish was really good for Villa last season. I’d be pleased with the signing. It’s probably not fair to judge him on what he was like under Tim Sherwood’s management.

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