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Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by SJN-Fox, Mar 19, 2018.

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  1. sparky79

    sparky79 Well-Known Member

    The limited amount I've seen of Maddison makes me think he'd be more like for like for Mahrez. Wouldn't mind Grealish at all though, but he would be more of a playmaker from the centre which might enable Gray, Diabate, Albrighton, Iheanacho to flourish.
    I think Roberts is underestimated as he's been at Celtic, but I remember seeing him and Dembele boss Chelsea in the FA youth cup and thinking he's going to be big for England. He still only just 21.
  2. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

  3. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

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  4. Skitzo

    Skitzo Well-Known Member

  5. lazzer

    lazzer Moderator

    Speaking to friend of Harvey Barnes and hes looking to go out on loan this season as he thinks he wont get any game time. Looking at Leeds apparently
  6. Blaarev

    Blaarev Well-Known Member

  7. jb5000

    jb5000 Well-Known Member

    Claude must have been watching the Costa Rica game too
  8. give_us_a_wave

    give_us_a_wave Well-Known Member

  9. FOX Franks

    FOX Franks Well-Known Member

  10. Robin127

    Robin127 Well-Known Member

    He could become a really top player but not under the manager he has now, Ferguson would have done that. If he really wants to improve he needs to leave Old Trafford either on loan (until Mourhino goes) or permanently.
  11. Graz

    Graz Well-Known Member

  12. Miles Away

    Miles Away Well-Known Member

  13. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

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  14. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

  15. tedfoxxx

    tedfoxxx Well-Known Member

    If we’re nibbling at a Sporting player I’d suggest Bas Toast......
  16. pork pie fox

    pork pie fox Well-Known Member

    I was assuming it would be Willie Carvalho.....
  17. Graz

    Graz Well-Known Member

    I'm on a diet, so just some Bruno César salad for me.
  18. SJN-Fox

    SJN-Fox Well-Known Member

  19. ThaiSweetChilli

    ThaiSweetChilli Active Member

    I'd love to sign Bas Dost.

    Get rid of Musa, Ulloa and Slimani.

    Bring in Dost and another young striker and we're sorted!
  20. Lako42

    Lako42 Well-Known Member

    So get rid of two strikers who never played and replace them with 2 strikers who will never play.

    If I was a striker I wouldn't dream of joining us to just sit on the bench.

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