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What song should we have before the match?

Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by trickytrev, Jul 7, 2003.


what song should be played before kick off?

  1. Electric Six-Gay Bar

  2. The Darkness-Get your hands of my woman

  3. Feeder-Buck Rodgers

  4. Sterephonics-Have A Nice Day

  5. Custom Blue

  6. Charlatans

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  7. House Of Pain

  8. Papa's got a Brand new Bag???

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  9. some leicester bands-(suggestions)

  10. other-please specify

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  1. trickytrev

    trickytrev New Member

    As the bloke from the trust said i think we should have a vote. and then e mail it to him and the club. I have taken some of your suggestions.
  2. No.6 Muzzy Izzet...

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet... Active Member

    Oh When You're Smiling or Singing the Blues
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    papas got a brand new pig bag - the tune middlesbrough play. The video from about 1999 had dancing skeletons playing saxaphones.

    Singing the blues is a good suggestion.
  4. MKFox

    MKFox New Member


    we can't have our virile young stallions running out to Gay bar....can we???!!!
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member


    Girlfriend in a coma - unless we buy some quality :oops:
  6. lcfc03

    lcfc03 New Member

    That Blue army song they played in the end half of the season. It sounded old but it wasn't and it was by 2 Leicester blokes. Dunno the name though.
  7. Teeno

    Teeno New Member

    I think they should play yellow submarine (blue and white cop) or any thing leicester so the croud sing all the way through the game and lift the lads to victory.
  8. trickytrev

    trickytrev New Member

    We all live in the walkers stadium, the walkers stadium the walkers stadium.
    I can imagine it now
  9. No.6 Muzzy Izzet...

    No.6 Muzzy Izzet... Active Member

    we all live down the mighty filbert way, the mighty filbert way, the mighty filbert way.
  10. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    It has to be 'When your smiling'.
  11. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    post horn gallop

    Whats wrong with post horn gallop?

    Was at Glastonbury last week and saw Electric 6, it was funny but then it dawned on me that seeing many pissed up straight men singing "GAY BAR, GAY BAR!" at the top of their voices actually had serious homophobic undertones.

    I would hate LCFC to be compared to Eminem in their suggested homophobicity.

    As for the sorry people who suggested "Have a Nice Day" by the most sold out, crap band in the history of music - stereophonics, or tubthumping by chumbawhumba, they need to have their ears syringed and their heads examined.

    The bands from Leicester include Englebert Humperdinck (too smoochy), Mark Morrison (not a chance), Showaddywaddy (not familiar with alot of their stuff so dont know), cornershop (brimful of asha, wouldnt work), and thats about it for famous bands. Not a lot of choice really.

    When Im DJ-ing up here in Leeds (funky indie kind of stuff) I find that a song that gets the crowd going is something short and punchy like "How High" - the charlatans, or BRMC - "spread your love", or even "Rocks" by Primal Scream (or Rolling Stones for you elderly folk).

    LCFC should be innovative.

    Lets not copy Middlesborough - why the F*** would we want to do that!
    Whatever is chosen, its needs to be adaptable to accomodate a city themed song, catchy and I think it should be Rock 'n' Roll.

    Comments please
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    Ha ha 'return of the mack' would be funny as f**k!

    What about Fiesta by the Pogues!
  13. lazzer

    lazzer Moderator

    keep the faith -bon jovi it cant be anything else!!!!!
  14. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    Best suggestion so far!
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    song 2 blur quality song to get the crowd buzzing
  16. Bobby Smith

    Bobby Smith New Member

    Thanks for not putting Simply the Best on the list.

    The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again' would get my vote, the lyrics ain't that relevent but the build up is fantastic. :D

    That Pogues track is great, good idea.

    Blink 182 'All the Small Things'.

    No Quo.
  17. trickytrev

    trickytrev New Member

    Do not put blink 182 one they are shit as are the stereophonics. How is accepting gay people and just learning to laugh homophobic. Insensitive maybe but not phobic. And there is nothing funnier than some bloke shouting gay bar at the top of his voice at 4 o clock in the morning in a field in glastonbury. They were bloody hilarious at glastonbury if you ask me.

    LOZHOGAN New Member

    I agree 'which one one you choose?'
  19. bocadillo

    bocadillo Water Gypsy

    trickytrev is the new Jessel.
  20. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    No, he's the old Jessel, this thread was started over four years ago.

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