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    Match Thread Southampton v Leicester

    Haven't posted for some time, but the same people are still spouting the same old crap about the team, and particularly the manager. You woudn't be happy or content if you chose the team the manager, and the length of the grass they play on. If your all so ****ing good why aren't you in the...
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    The Mahrez Saga

    Shite, I presume.
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    The Mahrez Saga

    If he had been diagnosed as clinically depressd, I would have some sympathy for him. However this 'depression' is due to the fact he didn't get his own way' quite childish really. His behaviour virtually the same as last time an alleged offer was made. Think its time he grew up and stopped...
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    The Mahrez Saga

    This may have been asked/answered elswhere, but I'm because I'm to lazy to work through the whole thread, I 'll ask anyway, anybody know who this mystery player might be that MC were willing to offload?
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    Confirmed Transfer Ulloa to Brighton on Loan

    Good Luck to him, he scored some very important goals for us.
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    Post Match Leicester 3 Huddersfield 0

    I was going to add surely you could walk to the KP from Aylestone, I used to live there, so I know how far it is. How's the Black Horse by the way?
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    Post Match Leicester 3 Huddersfield 0

    David, I don't know how old you are, or anything about your physical condition,
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    Match Thread Leicester v Burnley

    On Sky their saying Harry has been carried off, what **** is going on?
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    Adrien Silva

    Who , Birchy or Silva? Maybe he's a bit like a tree ,SilvaBirch would be my guess. S0rry.
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    Speculation New training ground in the pipeline

    What about the stick to scrape the dog shite from in between the studs? Tizer, you where spoilt. Small kid with glasses, that was probably me.
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    Match Thread Leicester v Everton

    That's put the cat amongst the pigeons.
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    Confirmed Transfer Claude Puel new manager

    Southampton fans called him 'the whisperer', can hear why.
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    Confirmed Transfer Claude Puel new manager

    It's Pascal according to the OS.