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  • Hello Chris, I am using a private message because the Mail/Guardian thing ran in the Film Fan thread You will find on that thread the reason why I find The Guardian repulsive If he had supported The Mail I would have attacked its homophobuia, Christian bias and its celebrity coverage. It is easy to see the faults in the other side and miss the faults on your own. Recently the support for Charlie Gilmour offended me as a historian . As a believer in constituional monarchy I am offended by the sheer bias shown by The Guardian on this. The Guardian even criticised Kevin Keegan as England manager for actually singing the National Anthem.
    The Telegragh is as biased in its comment as any other newspaper but it is in my opinion more careful in distinguishing between news and opinion. I do not remember seeing posts from you before but hope to read many more in the future. The battles are part of the Forum which Mawsley and I enjoy Now I have a Derby match to go to. Best regards David
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