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    Post Match Leicester 2 Tottenham 1

    A very good game that could have gone either way, the difference was probably that our defense was immense today, theirs looked a bit shaky at times. VAR had a big impact on the game twice and changed the flow of the game, it's amazing how dramatically the decisions to disallow the goals...
  2. Feriol

    Worst Away Game You Ever Attended

    I remember, he died and was resuscitated I believe, perhaps should have reflected that in my post. Leaving the ground the news going around was just that one of our players had died, I remember making my way home in a daze feeling sick.
  3. Feriol

    Worst Away Game You Ever Attended

    Thee worst game to be at was forest when Clive Clarke died. 2007 I haven't been to many away games, but I remember a dire performance against Coventry the year we were relegated from the championship that sticks in my mind.
  4. Feriol

    Post Match Manchester United 1 Leicester 0

    It's supposed to be the opposition's job to nullify our best players. We are doing it for them by playing them out of position and in a system that doesn't suit. I perhaps wouldn't mind so much if we were defensively solid, but we're not keeping clean sheets.
  5. Feriol

    Post Match Leicester 3 Bournemouth 1

    We are so much better when we play with some width. This is the way forward IMO.
  6. Feriol

    All time LCFC 11 of your fan lifetime

    To create a bit of variety I will go for my favourite players (not the best) and exclude current players. Flowers Simpson Huth Walsh Powell Mahrez Kante Izzet Guppy Roberts Dickov Subs: Walker, Elliott, Taggart, Lennon, McKinley, Summerby, Deane,
  7. Feriol

    New Contract Hamza Choudhury

    Having a reputation as a hard tackler will mean players stop going for 50/50s against him. Roy Keane bossed midfield for years with such a reputation. Unlike Roy, I don't think he is malicious.
  8. Feriol

    New ex-players (and managers) thread

    Momo Sylla
  9. Feriol

    Pre Match Newcastle v Leicester - League Cup

    Perez Chilwell and Tielemans still need to find their best form so I expect they will start, Praet too, and probably best to let Soyuncu keep his rhythm. The others are subject to change imo. Ward Justin Morgan Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Praet Barnes Perez Gray Iheanacho
  10. Feriol

    Post Match Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Did the players play the first half in Crocs for a bet or something? We were the better team second half, but were very lucky not to be more than 1 behind after the first half.
  11. Feriol

    Match Thread Chelsea v Leicester

    Was the whole team out on the town last night?
  12. Feriol

    Match Thread Chelsea v Leicester

    Shocking start, none of them look like they know how to play football.
  13. Feriol

    Post Match Leicester 0 Wolves 0

    I think that the clear and obvious rule should apply to all decisions, including handball and offsides. The Video referee should see at most 2 replays and if he isn't confident enough at that point to over-rule the ref, then the original decision stands.
  14. Feriol

    Post Match Leicester 0 Wolves 0

    I agree with Brown Nose that the tactical set-up cost us. I had expected Wolves to come and have a go, so can't blame Rodgers for that, but I'm surprised he didn't change it sooner. All things considered a clean sheet was important following Maguire's departure, and the pressure is now off...