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  • Ha! Maybe if he scores a couple more like that I will. It was a great moment though, especially after a few (myself included) had slagged him off in the past, but fair play to the lad, he played well today, not just because of the goal, though that was a large part of it ;)
    Hello Foxychik,
    Thank you for your offer if friendship and I hope my rejecting it does not offend. My decision to use my real name came because I could not see any reason to use a nickname. This turned out to be a mistake on my part. One or two incidents have jarred and made me realise that I need to be more distant than if I was using a pseudonym. It is certainly nothing personal as I very much enjoy your posts. Regards David.
    I don't don't have a clue is the honest answer:icon_lol:

    Some time mid to late August, i'm just about to start researching universities actually.....:icon_conf Scary
    Not bad thanks. I've gotten through Geoggers, gen studs and English language - which I was dreading but it went quite smoothly.
    Well what can I say? :icon_cool

    I had to pull out the lucky socks today cause I had the first of my a-level exams. :icon_wink:icon_lol:
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