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From Gradel to Grave

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  • Hello,
    Your Roman holiday is coming nearer. I remember recommending St John in Lateran but would understand if you disregarded the advice for more famous sights like the Castel San Angelo or the Pantheon. So I thought I would explain why it is so wonderful.
    Christianity was made legal in 313 and the Emperor Constantine ordered a church to be built that would rival the Temple of Jupiter in the Forum (since destroyed by Christians). The result was the huge church of St John in Lateran completed in 324 which was for 1200 years the greatest church in the world. (The present day St Peters only dates from the 16th-17th century.)
    The usual trips out of Rome are either to Castel Gandolfo & Francati or to Tivoli. Tivoli is easily the better though you should know the incredible and fun gardens there close at 5.30 and you need plenty of time for them.
    The best reasonably price restaurant I have come across in the centre of Rome is Mangrovia on the Via Milazzo. You will find plenty about it on the web.
    Buona viaggio
    David Gwilliam
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