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  • A bit more lively than me, mind. I sit about and read most of the time. Occasionally have a conversation with my girlfriend if I'm in a particularly good mood.
    Yeah, I work doing a pretty standard office job.

    Main interests are just music and movies I guess, going to gigs and the cinema etc. or just hanging out with friends. Boring stuff like that.
    Not been for a while myself but I fancy it this weekend. I enjoy watching the local stuff. I'd happily get myself a season ticket down there if the prices at Leicester became unaffordable. What do you do with yourself away from the football and work. Do you work?
    Nah. Haven't been to the Greene King in ages now. Not since about September time, I'm losing touch with the Knitters a bit (though I'm following this relegation battle from afar of course).
    Me too. Earl Shilton at the minute, although I'm moving to Hinckley next month. You going to be down the Greene Kind this Saturday?
    I've never heard of any of them! Christ, I remember a time when I was considered knowledgeable when it came to music!

    Am I right in saying you live in the Hinckley area, Prof? Sure I've seen you mention it.
    Well, Stephin Merritt is my favourite artist!

    Outside him and B&S love all sorts, really into Autechre atm. Also really love Jens Lekman, DJ Screw and Team Dresch to name a few.
    Pulp are probably my favourite band alongside B&S. Maximo Park, Futureheads, Graham Coxon. It seems I don't go beyond the mid-2000s. Probably when I stopped listening to new music. :D

    I'll give them a listen then. To tell you the truth I never find the time to discover new music now. It's work, eat, bed, work. Mind you I can't claim to have tried that hard to find new stuff when I was at uni and had all the time in the world, and that was only last year.
    Camera Obscura are another Glaswegian twee band and were "discovered" by Stuart Murdoch. Stands to reason that almost everyone who loves B&S also loves CO and vice-versa.

    Would definitely recommend Let's Get Out of This Country, as it's one of my all-time favourite albums. Their most famous song (which appeares on that album) is "Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken" (which could be apt if we sell Dyer this summer. :icon_wink) which features a great little campy music video to boot.

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