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    Nistelrooy - Rooney???

    Rooney! He doesn't care about any 5hitty reputation of the players he playing against! He gets straight in there, gets straight to the point! Thats what I like to see!
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    ...And besides, what wrong with american pie? :wink:
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    I like all the music you post Mark! I wouldn't call myself a fan of the bands you post about but I download and listen to the music! I'm into the kind of music you post anyway!
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    I think so! :roll:
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    Where will we finish next season?

    c/d :roll:
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    I've said it before and i'll say it again...Muzzy is the only pro footballer in the game that is loyal!
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    Well Thatchers more loyal than Dickov, BUT Thatcher does owe us the loyallty for giving his career a kick up the backside! All i've got to say is Thatcher is unloyal BUT he is worthy a Premiership club! Most players who have recently left are no better than Division 1, and yet there still...
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    Not my usual bag but..

    *Shudders at the thought of R n' B!*
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    Any Chance of Thatcher staying???

    LOL! IMO Muzzy is about the only loyal pro football player in the world! If you want to have a go at an unloyal player go for Dickov! I'd love Thatcher to stay but can't see it! Thing is Thatcher is actually worthy of a premiership club, MOST of the player who have left Leicester this summer...
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    No News.... Is it Good News????

    Mickys in portugal so i've heard.
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    Good News!

    :shock: - GOOD news?!?!?!? Erm not heard the word in a long time, and i've forgot the meaning of Good, can someone explain? Good + Leicester = The just don't seem to mix!
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    The Streets..

    I bought it today(the new one), I do like it, but its nothing to spectacular, I must say i've surprised myself and I am more impressed by the streets now though! I must say my favorite song of the album is Dry Your Eyes, I love that song! I might buy Orignal Pirate Material, Its only £5.99...
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    The Streets..

    I also might have to eat a big slice of humble pie with lumpy custard, I am tempted! but then I think nah... dunno, lol
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    Who do you want to play 1st game?

    Don't care I just want the season to start!