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    1884 bar....

    Not sure if I heard the announcer today but I reckon he said all you needed to get into the 1884 was a match ticket and it is gonna be like that for the rest of the season. Its get packed in there at the best of times and queing to get in, let alone by inviting anyone with a match ticket into there.
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    How Are People Feeling Today?

    Haha great stuff. Not had such a close up inspection myself of it. Suprised it hasnt been torched yet though.
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    How Are People Feeling Today?

    Haha well played, though cant imagine them being very comfortable with the broken windows are furniture all ripped out. They look a right state, symbolise how shit Coalville is. Dont know what they are doing there, as no passenger trains ever go through Coalville.
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    How Are People Feeling Today?

    Not them smashed up abandoned trains near Harlows and ALDI in Coalville I hope :icon_surp
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    Season Tickets?

    I did that and the feckers still charged me £39.99 for the shirt, have sent them a message through the contact us form on the shop's website but they havent contacted me back was sent yesterday morning. They said to reply to the confirmation email for the order with team card ref number. I want...
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    Season Tickets?

    Yes renewed, mine some may say I am a sucker for punishment!
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    Season Tickets?

    First installment is 30th of this month
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    England V Pakistan - Third Test

    117-7 now :D
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    Aye it is, he was talking about it the other day.
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    MONOPOLY AT McDONALDS Is probs ya best bet, though some could be expensive.
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    Can any one get Leilani's top off?

    Just managed it after 5 attempts! Good pair of norks!
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    Another another new one.

    But can they play for us in the FA Cup? :) :wink:
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    Another another new one. Apparently we have signed Patrick McCarthy from Man City, he is 21 years old and signed on a 3 year deal but has yet to make a premiership...
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game